DV Lottery 2013 Results and Procedures

The registration for the Diversity Visa Program (DV-2013) started on October 4, 2011 at noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), and went on till November 5, 2011. Those who had applied for the DV 2013 program will be able to check the results E-DV website from May 1, 2012.

To know the results, note that Entrant Status Check will be the only option. All applicants, regardless of selected or not selected can check the status of their applications through the Entrant Status Check at http://www.dvlottery.state.gov. All applicants would have got a confirmation number at the time of registering for the program. It is very important not to lose your confirmation number. If you lose it, you cannot check the results. The conducting agency will not resend the confirmation page information to you. There were minor changes regarding the eligibility for the DV-2012 program, Natives of South Sudan and Poland qualify whereas Bangladesh natives do not qualify.

If you are selected in this green card lottery program, you have to go ahead with further processing. You will receive instructions, and then you will be required to prove that you are eligible for a diversity immigrant visa and have to complete the next process. You will be informed by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) to complete the immigrant visa application. You will also be instructed to submit certain documents and forms and pay the appropriate fees. As part of the process you should also complete a medical examination. Furthermore, you will be interviewed by a consular officer at the US embassy or consulate in your country where you need to prove your eligibility for a diversity visa. The KCC will make application information available online through the Entrant Status Check at http://www.dvlottery.state.gov. The highest number of entries received for the DV 2013 program was from Nigeria followed by Ghana.

Those who are selected should qualify to get and prove their eligibility based on education, work, and other requirements. Every applicant should have at least a high school education or its equivalent; or
have at least two years of work experience within the past five years in an job position requiring at least two years’ training or experience.

The next lottery program will be the DV-2014. Applications will be accepted online through the E-DV during the year 2012 for the year 2014. It is roughly estimated that applicants might get a month to download the DV2014 application form and to fill and submit it within 60 minutes of time. It is important to remember that one can file only one application form as a primary applicant. This program will provide 50,000 immigrant visas to people from eligible countries, who satisfy the education and work experience and also fulfill all the other requirements to come to the US. As mentioned earlier, one who is eligible can file only one entry.

However, a husband and wife each can submit one entry for their family if each of them fulfills the education/work experience requirements of the green card lottery program. You can check your DV Lottery 2013 Results through online from Government website itself.

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334 Comments to “DV Lottery 2013 Results and Procedures”

  1. Please, how can i contact kcc, someone should me out please

  2. oky, good,i hope i will be able to go in usa

  3. Going to the U S, will be a dream come true in real life situation.

  4. it is true! i am more committed to go to USA than heaven!

    • I think you should take this back, I live in The US and I can assure you it’s not even comparable to Heaven. I pray to God that he would allow you to get that visa and come and see with your own eyes that the USA is not what you think. Bless you

    • Never make that mistaKe better ask 4 forginess 4 dre is nowhere that u can compare to heaven. Heaven is d perfect place to be,who even say u cannot make it real gud wia u are at present,be warned

  5. Great..I really agree with you.Going to the U S, will be a dream for everyone..Thanks for the tips!!

  6. Great…its really right way to go US….thanks for tips…

  7. thank you John! i hope some day in the future go to the land of opportunity!

  8. I agree with all of you I can’t wait to get there.

  9. D info is gud but wen wil 2014 DV lottery application begin

  10. 2013 is my year……

  11. I am among the winners of 2013 by faith.I luv this program, b’cos it’s bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.

  12. So we can only check result in May 2012… i pray everything works out o!

  13. In God i rest my case

  14. In God i rest my case…2013 America will see me In Jesus name..amen.

  15. i graduated in usa and i love to go again and live there its amazing

  16. i hope one day my dream come true!

  17. All things are possible.

  18. my lord i my Shepherd i fear no evil 2013 i will be in USA IN JESUS NAME AND GLORY AMEN

  19. I believe that i am going to win the visa.

  20. I have faith in God!!and i am rest assured that i and my boyfriend are going to be one of the lucky winners,because God as made our path to fall in pleasant places. we will shout of the goodness of the Lord.. the world will hear our testimony in few days time,when we check the result. Amen Amen Amen.

  21. comming soon dv lottery result wait

  22. it is my dream

  23. in sha alah iwill win

  24. Its going to be a mind blowing year for me. U.S here i come

  25. cant wait to have that uncommon joy. USA on my mind


  27. MAY THE WILL OF GOD PREVAIL. not my will but the FATHER’S WILL

  28. Lets just hope Nigerians have not ruined it for their fellow Nigerians and made them ineligible for DV-2014 because that’s what it looks like since we had the highest number of applications for DV-2013.

  29. i play last year but i can find my confirmation number , please i need the number.

  30. god bless US. Keep on with ur good works. I wil be the next winner.

  31. You will see me in USA in his name…………….

  32. Good day sir,
    i wish to ask, if a person is selected and failed to go to the embassy, can he still have the chance to be select again

  33. Infact life will be meaningful to me if i sleep and wake up just to realise myself in U.S

  34. American Dreamin’
    2 days to the day! All of u calling Jesus just because you want to go there. He is not American!

  35. I just pray that either me or my fiancé win the DV.It’ll actually be a dream come true for us.

  36. 50/50 chance ! if I win I will come to US if I loose I will try applying again !

  37. i believe that i will be selected for 2013 for sure…….. its for sure……….. look at mee…………BS

  38. Pliz tell me I am a zimbabwean residing in south africa can I go for an interview at the US embassy in south africa or I have to go to Zimbabwe

  39. IN the name of Lord i will be there also

  40. I am positive about this whole thing, everyone has to keep in faith and it will all work out.

  41. Even though I may be one of the greatest sinners on earth,God will never forsake me.I am one of them in Jesus Name,Amen

  42. I may be one of the greatest sinners on Earth but my redeemer lives.he will never forsake me.I shall be selected in the mighty Name of Jesus,Amen,cheerssss to the U.S.A,here I come!!!!

  43. Last day is today, waiting coming soon from tomoro

  44. I was expeditedly removed about 2 months ago at the port of entry in US after it was found out that I worked with a citizen’s documents the last time I was in US. I have a five year bar. Can I still proceed with the lottery if I win?

  45. in sha allah better day i will win greencard

  46. am meshife charlotte from cameroon i wanted to no if the results of the dvlottery are out

  47. Baba GOD with u i know dat dis year lottery i will be among d winner bec have been appling for dis lottery off a tin since 1995



  50. in God i trust i shall be one of the winner that is my prayer amen. i love America

  51. I will win this chance oh my GOD………………

  52. Hey! can’t check my dv2013 status

  53. Hey! can’t check my dv2013 status.wats up!

  54. Going to the usa would be a dream come through

  55. I pray God to his miracle for me to be one of the winner of 2013 results.i love to go to US

  56. today is may 1st but still the format is 2012**********

  57. so here we are, may 1…cum on can’t wait no more….

  58. To day is may first and i can found the 2013 dv lottery result on the net. Some body pls help….

  59. When is the result going to be ready?

  60. How can i check my status?

  61. i hope next lot will have……. good

  62. Oh Lord! answer •̸Ϟÿ̲̣̣̣̥‎​​ prayers. Can’t wait τ̅☺ be an American citizen

  63. Oh Lord! Pls make dreams come through i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ jesus name. Can’t wait τ̅☺ be an American citizen

  64. It’s may 1st and I cant see my results!!!!! its only last years link there!!! anyone notice this?

  65. GOD wil do accordin 2 his WILL,Bcus he know what gud 4 u….if u hav faith u move mountain….

  66. to day is first of may, but no any result?????

  67. can somebody pls check it for me …..i cant wait …..im among

  68. May God Bless The US Government for this. Program that. Always help we the poor African to improved our lives. I am a winner in Jesus name

  69. i am waiting to say well come to USA and …………………………………….

  70. today is May 1st but the result is not puplished yet, why?

  71. God knows the best for every body.

  72. how do i see my result for the 2013 dv program since the website is not opening; http://www.dvlottery.state.gov

  73. yeah am waiting for my testimony in nest few days. from seyi

  74. pleas can some one hlep me is the 2013 dv program result out

  75. I’ll also be there someday, God willing.

  76. Guys remember that you will have to work in The USA to get anywhere. Money doesn’t grow on trees so if you were lazy in your own country, the USA isn’t going to make much of a difference.

  77. God is my great provider he will provide for me.

  78. I have been studying in the USA for the last 6 years, finding a job isnt that easy, life is expensive but manageable if you are willing to work hard. I will have my MBA in a few weeks. I have been entering the lottery every year for the last 4 years and so far no luck. Im afraid that all my hard work was for nothing and that I have to return home in a month from today :( good luck to the rest of you, im out of luck I think

  79. JEHOUAH GOD Shall bless me to bless others,its my obligation. Onces more thank GOD for America.

  80. I will always see it as a great privilage to serve the united state of america. God bless USA

  81. God bless usa

  82. was anybody able to check resutlts for 2013?? the site is down for me :(

  83. pls God i need win

  84. see me in USA in his name……

  85. I think i will be the next lucky winner goin to u.s 2013. I love american.

  86. I love american.

  87. someone should help me,my confirmation number is right but when i enter it says its not valid.
    what should i do

  88. Iv submitted entries for 10 consecutive years in vain.Bt yesterday God spoke to me n he told me am a winner this time.GOD BLESS ME.GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES.

  89. I love american .and I want to be there as fast as it possible thankes jesuse

  90. i will thank God when i get success in dv lottery 2013!!!! plz God make my dreams come true…

  91. I would like to thank the American government & KCC for the opprtunity way of DV Program.

    I hope in God I will get the chance to live & work in America.

    I love America.

    GOD bless you & lovely country America.

  92. oh haven’t been selected .. am sad

  93. pllz is the result already avialable???

  94. i find this :Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time. More entries will be selected in early October 2012, so please keep your confirmation information until at least that time.

    Please verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the ESC Home Page link below.

  95. I am fear to check l like to go to US to be with my sister!!!

  96. Pls i can’t check my status for the 2013 dvlottery program. I opened the website today but all i could see was Entry Status check for 2012. Pls can i get a link on how to check it. thanks so much.

  97. You said the results will be available by May 1st, how can I access them?

  98. By faith i know I am already there. America here I come.

  99. please i need sum1 to help me,is there no alternative ways of checking this result,cos i dont ve mine wt me at the moment

  100. my dream is to see the Land of Opportunity.may God help me.Amen.

  101. hello every body sure am pozative about the result of dv to 2013 so would you tel me about the result

  102. am disappointed i didnt make it

  103. hey am slected so what are the steps that i have to do??!!!

  104. I participated in this lottery for fun only because i love my country algeria i hate usa it is not a dreamland as you think it is a hell for none american people they will treat people as slaves as worker you wont be kings there you will be only workers if you dont work hard you will be fired

    • It’s your individual opinion. Life is all about ups and down. You have to work hard in order to reach high goal because we live in a competitive world. If you don’t work, you’re fired.

  105. i m really unfourtein person,haven’t been selected……..

  106. When the dv result 2013 will publish

  107. Please i tried to check my entrant status when the first time was not successful but was told forbidden. What can i do? Please help me out. Thanks.

  108. how can i check dv2013 result?

  109. i tried to check the resuls but it says that my confirmation nos is invalid,why is this happening when can i check the result for edv 2013


  111. I want to ask if the results of 2013 are already Published?

  112. The living almighty Jah bless AMERICA

  113. pls tel me the real web site bcos i v been try dvlottery.state.gov,pls who ever no it should tel me

  114. hello i okunbanjo biodun gbenga pls u s pls i need ur help me am tired in nigeria pls help me out with my confirmation number pls u s goverment help me out am a truck driver

  115. plz! who can tell me the link where to check results for 2013 green card

  116. ………. really love America, It is the heaven of the earth. God will listen my pray. Hope soon i will be there.

  117. i am a winner…………..i knew dat all d while!!!!!!!!!!!!! hop 2 c u guyz der

  118. Pls guys how can I check 2013 result, have really try to check but no where to input the confirmation code.

  119. How can i get my DV lottery result

  120. I Hav not been selected 4 may surly i will be 4 October,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t loss hope………gud bless AMERICA

  121. when i go to this link it says for me dv 2012 result only please help me out for result dv 2013

  122. I find difficulties in checkin my dv lottery result

  123. how will i see the results?

  124. Hi, good afternoon, i have been trying to check the result/status of my entry for quite some minutes now…but there have not seem to be a head way…but i know i will…is there any parameter i am not getting?

    • Do not lose your hope. Kindly wait till October even though if you’re not selected now. Another set of result is waiting during October. So do not lose your confirmation number.

  125. i can’t chek my result,please help me.i love u.s

  126. I have trust in almighty god.

  127. We find very difficult in checking my result of DV lottery

  128. Jesus will help me i hope can win dvlottery.

  129. have someone win the lottery?

  130. is may the checkin time or October?

  131. hy;i have the same probleme i canot check the dv result 2013(the link downt appear),but for 2012 result its ok ???

  132. Unfortunately I can’t find my confirmation number! Is there any other way I can check the result?!

  133. I have a confirmation number that its way toooo long, and it keeps saying its a wrong number! can any one help me with that?!

  134. hi, i can’t open the result page “www.dovlottery.state.gov/ESC/. i refresh it but it didnt work

  135. Pls how do I check whether my entry was selected. I pray to be among the winners in Jesus name amen. God bless America

  136. I cant check my status for the 2013 dv lottery on the website as instructed it keep telling invalid entry. Can someone hel me out

  137. I cant check my status for the 2013 dv lottery on the website as instructed it keep telling invalid entry. Can someone help me out

  138. I like it the dream come to the end

  139. As I’m trying to check if I’m being selected, all I got is incorrect confirmation, I couldn’t get through. Help M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥! I have my confirmation letter wt me

  140. i did not win.so when shld i check it again.

  141. In USA u get better democracy that is why i want …

  142. Pls am finding it difficult to check my dv 2013 lottery result. What can i do?

  143. Pls i am expecting

  144. how can i see the result pleaaase

  145. I WANT TO GO USA .

  146. pls i am expecting

  147. i am sure, i am there.


  149. is there any other opportunity to see the result please ?bcz i find http://www.dvlottery.state.gov. it dosen’t work

  150. Sir, i won the lottery but read massage when the date has gone what should i do?

  151. Pls i want to know if i have won. Thanks

  152. Cool!

  153. How can i know that i am a lucky winner

  154. pls sir, am finding it difficult to check my dv lottery 2013 result what am seeing is invalid, pls help me out sir.

  155. Pls sir this is what have being seeing that The information entered is not valid. Please review the Confirmation Number, your last name (family name/surname), and year of birth to ensure you have entered them exactly as they appear on your DV Confirmation Page.

  156. I can’t open the site, it was saying untrusted site and that I’m advised not to continue for the error may occur if someone is trying to impersonate the site. please what else can I do because I’ve been trying to log on for a while now.

  157. how can i see the result of 2013 dv

  158. I hope ma dream will come true.God has control of ma life.

  159. I am sure as i leave to America with DV. Matew

  160. My dreams is to get to America.See you there,then.wow

  161. I wish to in u.s.a as citizen

  162. Brthr can u help m pls to join in ths program?
    I need t know the steps so as t join now
    i want t try my bst

  163. I click on the link posted by you,same results

  164. I tried the government website all the same results.

  165. Some i have not seen in a while played for me and i won, but there was a mistake in my surname and i was not married when the person say me last, i only had a child then. Now am married with two kids apart from my first child, have confirmed it and its true dv 2013. I don’t want to loss this opportunity and my family is also important.What do i do? please help.

  166. Thanks for the information,pls intimate me on the result for 2014 when it’s out.

  167. U S is a place to be God help me let my dream come to pass. God bless American

  168. This th place where human av reasons to life


  170. dv=1-for try, 2-for choice, 3-for best. So i have 50% chance to get dv lottery …G…luck!


  172. Please,i want too know the exact date that d result Ȋ̝̊̅§ going too B̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ out ,please for GOD sake let M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ name B̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ among the people that will collect the green card ,S̴̩☺̴̩̩̥̩̩̩̥ that i can go to usa.GOD please let M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ B̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ among the luck winners(amen)

  173. My hope is going to u.s.a .i want to go to amrica.my dremer is amrica.i must go to amrica for help amrica and help my family .i also read .and good work.plese.plese.issue me a visa.plese .plese plese plese

  174. Please god help me to get div lottery.

  175. John
    Please my house got burnt by a fire inceident and my confirmation number also got burnt so what will i do to check my visa lottery results?

  176. How can saw result dv 2013

  177. Lord answer my cry.

  178. Hi am Austine, pls how do i check my results on dvlottery. Hav tryed on my C2 phone and sayin am not corret even when am sure. And on d cafe d web site is not openin. Pls help

  179. My entry for the 2013 Diversity visa Lottery program were received on Friday,October 7,2011 at 4:24:05 A EDT. So I wish to know the result.

  180. 20132DYVDZFS2W4K

  181. i am not eager dis mach, if i win DV it is good, if not it is not evil for me, cos my country Ethiopia going better and better, i now we can, we will be a potential DV provider for the rest of the world. till that time come i will do my beast to shorten the journey to wards success of dis country. right.

  182. am titus i wish to know the results for 2013 its my prayer am one of the blessed few that place is amazing wow

  183. i want to know when 2012-2013 result will be out, am waiting.


  185. By z will of GoD one day i will be at USA!! God Bless ethiopia & usa 4ever!!!!

  186. pliz help mi how to look for the result 2013 i tried many time but no response.pliz help!

  187. My status is tellin me the information am puting is ivalid were as is correct wat shuild i do?

  188. i dont no know about result

  189. hello, how can i know that am or not one of the winner ? thankyou


  191. wow!

  192. I have won already…God i thank you oh.

  193. I have entered the required information but still is not opening, “it kept telling me its invalid”, pls what can i do

  194. It is a very good opportunity to go USA i’m able to apply for this offer but at the same i am disappointed about possibility to get DV in USA because the seat amount are so poor.

  195. i know my lord as done it again the believe and the faith is so strong…am so greatful to my almight God

  196. cant access this site to check my eligibility/winning status

  197. Pls remind me when it is time to apply for dv2014 lottery.

  198. will results continually be released on different dates from may 1st till October or after may 1st will be until October

  199. is possibles 4 a person to make it

  200. am very very interested if it is possible 4 someone to make it easy


  202. i want to check but is not going true


  204. I thought that all legible countries are given equal opportunity during the selection of applicants for the Green card.
    Am just surprised that more entrants were selected from west Africa; and let me hope that those countries will not be illegible soon.

  205. I thought that all legible countries are given equal opportunity during the selection of applicants for the Green card.
    Am just surprised that more entrants were selected from west Africa; and let me hope that those countries will not be illegible soon.

  206. i want to check my dv lotery 2013 visa

  207. how can i chek my result of edv 2013?

  208. my fren got EDV bt he is south korea for working visa in dis case how could he procedure nest step plz help me

  209. Hello pls is the result out and why the delay

  210. If God say Yes ,then No one can say
    NO.if God really Sends me to go,then I will.

  211. please can you send me my result of green card lottery in mail

  212. check entry status

  213. I love the programme because it enhances the growth of the rich in the developing countries.

  214. The programme is a nice programme its help the majority of poor. pls I lost my confirmation slip of the last year.pls I need help on how to get the confirmation slip.

  215. i am anxiousely waiting for my lottery result for 2013 and yet nothing have been posted to my box.i don^¨t know what to do

  216. I still searching to know it but not pls how i know it

  217. i need to have

  218. Pls i want to know may be i have succeed,thank

  219. My prayer is that GOD will see me through this time around

  220. I wish i succeeded on DVLry

  221. Pls brother samuel for how long should i waite for this DV lotry result

  222. tel me my dv lottery 2013 results sir

  223. isee visa reaultsmy old e mail madanlal4523@.com is blocked

  224. My case number is 832875. i hace forgotton my password . can anyone help me please?

  225. The programme co-ordinator,
    pls kindly get me posted with the information on the month and the date of the release of the result to latest played America visa lottery as @ late last year ’2012/2013 dv programme. And how do I know when it is out? Thank you.

    • Hi Joshua
      Here is about the information of last year DV program..Starting with DV-2010, all entrants, including those NOT selected, will be able to check the status of their entry through the E-DV website and find out if their entry was or was not selected. Entrants should keep their own confirmation page information from the time of their entry (October 2, 2012, to December 1, 2012) until they may check the status of their entry online. Status information for DV-2010 will be available online from July 1, 2009, until June 30, 2010. All notification letters are sent to the address indicated on the entry within five to seven months from the end of the application period.

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