DV Lottery 2013 Result Published

You can check your DV Lottery 2013 result in the below link




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340 thoughts on “DV Lottery 2013 Result Published

  1. What if you check and you are not selected in May does it meanyou don’t have any chance of winning again since I heard the results is published partly

  2. i have just check my entrant status for the 2013 dv american lottery and i have not been selected.it says i have to keep my confirmation number and check again on october 2012.what are my chances of been selected,is it going to be the same as the first chance.

    • you have to re-apply again in case if you have lost your confirmation number. If you would have applied through some private organization, they would given your confirmation number even if you lost it.

  3. is it possible to start checking the result now while the result is not popularly shown and notified to the public.

    • Please keep your confirmation number until at least September 2013, even if you are not selected on May 1, 2012. The Department of State may select more DV 2013 entries on October 1, 2012.

  4. hey. this is my 1st type. on us dvlottery. i ve been trying to check my status the all day but it says invalid confirmation number. whats does it mean. help !

  5. when checking it keeps on telling me , i have nivalid first name\last name\sir name or confirmation number or yeaer of birth. pls help me.

  6. I wil like 2 check my result in time dis year, bcos i lost my last year dv confirmation number.


  8. i tried to put comments but it says waiting for approval. can some help to me how to work on this board. I am one of the selected winner for 2013 after 3 years finally. i need suggestions from u guys

  9. please everyone , i want to know more information about this forther processing diversity , i’m selected this year 2013 but , actually i’m living in united arabes of emirates so , i don’t know if possible to contact usa consula here or i chould be return to morocco . any one has any information please reply to me .

  10. i finally got through but was told i was not selected…to keep confirmation till early october 2012…would be selected then..am sure

  11. message to samuel5028
    please Mr samuel where can i find more information in abu dhabi , and is it possible to do interveiw here and pay everything without go to morocco please .
    rachid biglifene

  12. I’ve entered my confirmation number many times and yet it keeps telling me that my information is invalid. But the information is exactly what I was given when I entred last year. This is for DV Lottery 2013

  13. This is my 7th time for applying EDV yet i am not selected. It is said that result of DV will publibshed in Octobar1 too. So, Will DV 2014 open as dv generally started from first of OCT-NOV.


  15. please , i already coplete all forms , but i dont know what can i do for send it , please give me the correct email , or adresse , but i prefer send it by email if possible , thank you samuel

  16. Pls i find it difficult to check the result of (dvlottery for 2013) pls enlight me. Thanks in anticipated wale Albert

  17. Thank God, I was selected in the DV 2013 lottery. However, an alphabet was ommitted from my surname(CHISTOPHER instead of CHRISTOPHER) during the submission of entry. Hope it will not affect my visa application? How do i correct it?

    • During your interview process, kindly bring your documents and tell them there was a mistake in my name and provide them with proof. everything will be fine. Thank you.

  18. please i wish to know my status for the DVLottery reesults of 2012.I have tried but it keeps responding The information entered is not valid!!! can someone help me out

  19. I have tried several times to check my 2013 dv lottery result throught their official website but not successful. Each time it says server connection fail. Please can anyone advice on how else to check the result? Tanks

    • This is only way to check your result. Maybe you can check today. It happens when millions of people check results at same time, the issue happens. You can check today to see the result. All the best !!!!

  20. i need ur help, i ave been trying to check my dv result but………………………… the site did not opened, what is realy wrong.

  21. i already did as you say but always it shows invalid… how can i watch my result.. pls @samuel suggest me . many thanks.

  22. hi can i email my details to kentacky consular centre i to get to know my results, an anxious but the site is not responding.

  23. Syl
    Am finding it difficult to check ,i’ve filled the form several time,but to no avail.I filled it correctly with the information i got on the confirmation recieved.

  24. I av checked my entry status,i found out that i av not been selected.i want 2 know if i still av chance 2 win in 2013 program bcos am worried for not winning again.

  25. I would like to give you thanks for your provision of DV lottery chance for all entrants every year.I have been trying to fill the form since three years,yet not selected,not this year. So, kindly request you to give me the chance if possible as i’m Ethiopian and i would like to enhance my academic status and skills by learning my second degree there and also i may help my poor family in Ethiopia. Now i’m an instructor of Statistics in Wolaita Sodo University,Ethiopia.
    With best regards!

  26. Actually i’m not selected for now,and that’s nt a full stop my God has only put a comma,i know i’m already selected in october because i’m gonna hold on to his words.IF U’RE NOT SELECTED THIS MONTH DONT THINK ALL HOPE IS GONE BUT CONFESS POSITIVE THINGS TO YOUR LIFE EVERYDAY”HOLD ON!DON’T PUT FULL STOP WHERE GOD HAS KEPT A COMMA” SHALOM

  27. Mukasa Florence(uganda), am not selected this year, but i will not lose hope; am going to keep applying every year :at a certain time”T”, i know i will be selected.

  28. How many candidates are selected for DV Lottery 2013? And is there possibility of publishing results again in October 2012 if 50000 candidates are selected?

  29. hello, been trying these links for days now and it doesnt open, any alternative way to check my status? if one is selected is their any form of deadline for acceptance and neccessary registrations.

  30. I have difficulties checking my dv lottery status.Am always asked to check my confirmation number,last name(that i don’t know which is which as all don’t go through).What can i do next.

      • I did play the 2013 dv lottery and have my confimatory slip with me.It’s my confirmation number that I have been using to check my results.
        Can you please tell me what’s the matter?.

  31. Is something wrong somewhere? i will type my confirmation number, name, and date of birth but all to no avail. I’m unable to access the diversity lottery results. Please help me!

  32. I am looking for checking my dv lottery;which is the correct sight? I am not able to check in the sight indicated.

  33. Am jack Kama Njenga and i wanted to know whether i have won green card vie 2012/2013.please confirm for me and my confirmation number was 20132D6OM01YH4D2. thanks in advance and God bless you.Glory be to almighty God if i have won it.

  34. I apply last year november 4 but since the result are out , I tried to check after entering all the information it give me the message saying that it invalid I check. So many time and it the same thing. I try again yesterday on my phone it keep on giving me the same message ‘invalid’ and on the second question about the name on my entry form it say entrant name and when checking it say last name. Should I put my name in full as it on the entry form and tick on where it say no last name was asked. Thanks

  35. I ,Mr Eyiche Kenneth Chiejina, From Nigeria with the confirmation number 20132KJH71IN8EAG, wants to know if he won the edv.lottery 2013.

  36. please how can i know my results of the dv lottery.i entered the information data and can’t get my results.plese do e-mail my results to my address:ronaldo_kang@yahoo.fr

  37. i want to know , is all people who win they can pass interviews or there is any condition for selected to interview ,thank you

  38. am Agbaragu Efe Charity .i applied for the 2013 dvlottery .am not able to check my result . please kindly help me to check whether my name is among the winner . my confirmation number is 20132BUVLZWJJZ1W. THANKS

  39. THIS is a great job you are doing Mr Samuel.
    Can you check our result for us,That is my and I
    NGALAME NJUME,GEOPHREY……..Cofirmation Number 201332O1512UG539
    EPIE MECHANE,MARVIS…………Confirmation Number 201332Z68XBRSOV8

  40. Please am on this site to check my result and i want to know maybe true you people should get in touch before they can find out there names. thanks.

  41. Pls i need to check my husband’s dvlottery2013’s status with confirmation # 2013***********F , DOB: 19**& Last name: Azeh

  42. I want be citizen of u.s.a
    because i don’t have suporter of
    my life like edication and etc.
    My both parent pass away during the war time in liberia.

    • Alieu, please participate in the DV lottery and if you are lucky, you can win a green card to USA. Once you have lived there for 5 years with your green card, you can apply for US citizenship.

  43. I tried to check my entrant status, but i was totally disappointed, the number of times without success. authorities could enhance easy access.

    • Per the government: The U.S. Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV- 2013 is available until September 30, 2013.

  44. hi sir i want win the canada greencard i have work permit in south korea this time i am here in korea but i like to win a green card in canada and i stat now life n work ther please
    email me other informtion

    • I understand you are asking what is to be done if you have lost your registration number? Well, that is the most important thing in this whole procedure. If you lose your confirmation number, you will not be able to check your results.

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