What is the Procedure After Winning the DV lottery 2013 ?

Through the DV lottery program, the State Department selects around 50,000 applications. through a computer generated system. This does not mean that all the selected applicants will become lawful permanent residents of the United States. Only the winners who meet the eligibility requirements will be qualified for an immigrant visa.
In order to check the progress of your application, you must retain the confirmation number that you had got while you filed an application to take part in the DV lottery program. In order to check your application status you must also have your name, surname and your date of birth.

While you check your application status, never copy and paste the information related to your name or the confirmation number, in the confirmation box. In doing so, the additional spaces will be considered as characters, which will in turn provide you with a notification stating that the information that you had entered is invalid. You may not be able to check your application without entering your name, surname or date of birth, as you will get a response saying that the information is invalid.

Check if you had won DV-2013 through Entrant Status Check
The Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa lottery Program for DV-2013 will be available until the 30th of September, 2013. The only means through which the winners are notified is through the entrant status check. Notification letters and e-mails will not be sent to the winners by the US Department of State. To check whether you had won the DV lottery, you must check through the entrant status check using the confirmation number that you had obtained, at the time of filing your application to take part in the DV lottery program.
Individuals who are not selected will be notified through entrant status check. The list of winners will not be provided at the US embassies and the consulates.
As you get to know that you had won the lottery, through the entrant status check, on the E-DV website, you will be directed to a confirmation page which will contain further information, about the fees related to immigration to the United States. You will not be directed to the confirmation page containing information about the fees and other procedures if you had not won.
As the DV-2013 entrants are notified about their selection only through entrant status check, the instructions on how the winners can proceed with their application and notification about their immigrant visa interview appointment date and time will be available on the E-DV website only through the entrant status check.

Instruction about fees for the Diversity Visa application process
Randomly selected entrants or the winners will be provided with the notification instructions for the Diversity Visa application process on the confirmation page, through entrant status check. The instruction will provide detailed information about the Diversity Visa and immigrant visa fees. The fees must be paid in person only at the US Embassy or Consulate at the time of the visa application. The consular cashier will provide the concerned visa applicant with a US government receipt for payment, after receiving the payment

The winners who are applying for an immigrant visa at a US Embassy or Consulate must never send money for DV fees through mail or through any other service. If you are in the United States and if you had won the DV lottery, you may file an application for adjustment of status and you will acquire separate instructions about how you can mail DV fees to a US bank through the entrant status check.
The winners must pay the required visa processing fee and the immigrant visa fee for themselves and their eligible dependents. If you are a winner you will be required to pay a visa fee of $330.

E-mail notification
The government of United States has never sent e-mails to inform the winners about their selection. The US government also has no plans to use e-mails for sending winning notifications for the DV-2013 program.
The selected winners will only receive e-mails containing information about their visa appointment. If you are a winner, you will receive e-mail notifications about your scheduled visa appointment only if you respond to the notification instructions on entrant status check. Those e-mails will also allow the winners to check the details about their interview appointment on entrant status check. The e-mails sent to the winners will not contain details about the actual interview appointment date and time.

Applying for a Visa

If you have been selected in the DV-2013 program, you may be entitled to apply for a visa only during the US Government Fiscal Year 2013, which is from the 1st of October 2012 to the 30th of September 2013. There are no exceptions towards applying for a visa as all the winners who are eligible must obtain their visas or adjust their status by the end of the fiscal year according to the US government.
You can also not carry-over the benefits of DV to the next year. The spouse and children applying for the derivative status can only acquire visas in the DV category between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

Winners who are abroad will receive an appointment notification from the US Department of State, through entrant status check, on the E-DV website before four to six weeks from the date of the scheduled appointment.

After you are selected and after you respond to the notification instructions provided to you through entrant status check, the processing of your case will begin. You may receive follow-up e-mails from the US Department of State containing information and requesting you to review your entrant status check for new information regarding your application.

Immigrant visa
The selected applicants, on meeting the eligibility requirements, will be provided with an immigrant visa, with which they can enter the United States. The validity of that visa is for 6 months, hence the holder of that visa must enter the United States before the expiry of that visa and apply for a Green Card in the United States.

If you were not one among the lucky winners to win the DV lottery 2013 you can try your luck to win the DV lottery 2014. The registration dates will be announced by the US Department of State sooner, after which you can submit an entry in order to participate in the DV-2014 program.

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152 thoughts on “What is the Procedure After Winning the DV lottery 2013 ?

  1. hi,am samuel okoth i had applied for 2013 dvlottery,but i was unlucky i was not selected,but i was told that selection is still going on,and i was informed to keep my entrant confirmation number until,september 30 this year,my question is this?is there any hope for me to be selected a gain?

      • I know there is still going to be another selection on the 1st of october.and am already a winner in JESUS NAME.Have FAITH like me.dont doubt GOD.Mark my words,this day, and wen its out,u all will be my witnesses.because of me there is going to be another draw.start preparing ur testimonies like me.

    • YES my dear there still a chance for you to be selected just keep all the information entrant information,God bless you i wish you all the best.

  2. Hi,
    I have selected in dv lottery for year 2013. When I seen result, I was very happy. Now I want to know the next process for this dv 2013. I don’t know anything about next process..what to do.? Can any one provide me information on this…. Thanks

  3. Hi Samuel, your blog is very insightful.

    I was chosen for further processing this year which is great however I have sent in my Photo’s and processing forms unsigned as I miss understood the instructions! Should I send them again?


  4. I need your help i have just noticed that i have beeen selected as a winner according to the 2012 july result i did not know that they did another draw after cancelling the may results do i still have time to apply?is there still some visa left?

  5. Hi samuel5028
    Thanks u lot to suggestion..
    I read your article it is very useful to me.. But still I have some queries in my mind…
    1) Now I’m working as computer teacher in a secondary school. And doing master degree with job. I want to know can it suitable me to apply for next process?
    2) I have not any relative or knowing persons in USA. In form DS-230 a field is given for sponsor person that already living in there.. Where US embassy will deliver my GC.. For this case what I do.. I dnt know anyone in USA.? Help me

    • Yes it is. If you don’t have a sponsor or can’t provide affidavit of support, you can have your own sponsorship. You should prove you have enough funds with you to survive in the US.

  6. I av a certificate in vocational trainin i did in 2010 pls does dat qualify me wit d 2 yrs work experience.i dnt know wat work experience luks like.cn my certificate serve

  7. Hi sam, for dv2014, whre should i register, can u recommend any trusted private agency? Any website? As i know there are many dv lottery scam out there. Thanks

    • You can register with Government website during October month as it’s for free. If you;re looking for private organization, you can register anytime as they will submit your application during lottery time and will provide your confirmation number. Maybe if you provide your contact number, i know some of the private organization will ask them to guide you. Which country are you from?

  8. hi sam, my wife won the lottery, but i am at removal process, should i leave the country (i mean US) and apply for it as dependent or is there anyway that i can do it without leaving the country with a good lawyer? tnx

  9. hi big sam,i dont knw wat happen i cant be able to check my dvlottery result,i print out they submission comfirmation,and when i entered all the details it will be invalid

      • hi samuel,
        i have choosen for the further processing of dv lottery. I have submitted my documents. Should i have my pepols there in Us or I have to choose state my self?? I have no more idea So please send me mail to maya_sh16@yahoo.com.i am from nepal

      • Should i have my pepols there in Us or I have to choose state my self?? Can you explain this line properly since i couldn’t able to understand.

      • hi,pratiita YES u should have your people there in us n choose state fot yourself,i wish u all the best may God bless u.

  10. Hi Sam, after i found out i have been selected, we sent our forms to kcc and we are waiting to get the reply that they got our forms. My question is: Does it mean that first interview will be booked for 1rst october and not earlier than that for dv 2013? i dont quite also get visa bulletin how to check your case number… and when you will be probably booked for interview… our case number is 65 ***, thanks alot

    • Could you email me in detail about the process what you did after winning the DV Lottery 2013? what was the information given after entering your confirmation number and procedure given in the email. It will be easier for me to answer your question.

  11. hi,pratiita congrats for ur wining and best of luck..
    I’m also dv winner of this year and from nepal. Before I have much queries on the further process which I finished today. Just 2 hour ago I had posted my form. Now let’s hope all be happen good..:):)

    • When you would have applied for DV Lottery, you will be provided with confirmation number. Without applying for DV Lottery, do you ask for confirmation number is it?

  12. Hi i got the dv.lottery but i have informatin b/c am grade 10 & have a sales 10+3 in distance education is that possible to apply by this.

  13. It seems I was lucky… and sent all my paperwork to KCC a week ago. I finished school (12 years requirement) but my certificates were stolen some time afterward. I do have my university degree certificate though, is that likely to cause a problem if I get asked to an interview?
    If I’m asked to an interview,

    • Try to get duplicate copy of your 12 years education certificate and also bring your university degree certificate during interview. If you have all these things, you won’t have any problems.

  14. Statistically, if anyone knows, how many people with case numbers higher than 50000 ever get to an interview? Do as many as 50000 really not really qualify/proceed (for any number of personal or other reasons?)

    • If a person doesn’t have proper documents or sponsor or funds, those application gets rejected and priority will be given to other persons. They will interview plenty of candidates and choose best 50,000 to USA.

      • Sure but my question is general.. is there a statistic anywhere you know of that suggests previous outcomes of those with case numbers higher than 50.000 (ie between the 50001st and the 100000th applicants selected for further processing) having a realistic chance of making it to an interview? I’m a US citizen hoping some friends who are selected will make it at least to the interview… There is a lot of guessing going on out there, so well done on providing a site that at least tries to make things clear for some folks…

      • There are plenty of people participate in the DV Lottery and few wins the lottery. Most of them won’t get selected because of improper documents, insufficient funds or no sponsors etc during interview. In 100000 people, they will choose the best 50,000 and provide the green card.

  15. hi there ! i won the lottery already .what i am not clear is,the next step.i.e is the response to be sent by post or by email.the other isiam i supposed to inform the US embassy in Ethiopia that i ve won the lottery? thnx!

  16. US government fiscal year is not yet to begin so if i send visas application to Us embassy now, is to be disqualified….. ?pls help me>>>>tnx.

  17. Hello again Samuel. How long typically can I expect to wait for information regarding my interview after submitting my documents? Again thank you for your information. Much appreciated.

      • Hi Samuel, how the interview will take place in October 2013 if you will get invited for an interview only and if the visa becomes available? According to the visa bulletin they are processing case numbers below 5,000. So if your case number beyond that number, like 23xxx, it means that your interview will be probably scheduled for the next year, around feb 2013…correct me if I am wrong. tnx.

  18. hi sam,pls for God sake can u help me out,here is my email,harrywandon08@yahoo.com
    bcoz till now i cant check my dv lottery result and i dont knw what to do again bcoz i had try alot it keep tell me confirmation last,family/surname is nt valid,so can u inbox me your email so that u can help me to check it plase am counting on u,i used only lastname,it doesnt work,last family/surname same thing,please help me out,thanks God bless u

  19. I was selected for the DV 2013 but i realized i made a mistake on date of birth ,i wrote 26-09-1986 instead of 1987,i wrote the correct date on the forms that i returned and then wrote an email to clarify the same later,they just replied by saying “thank you,your information will be included in your case file for review,”do you think im still waiting for the interview,do you think the mistake in the date could affect my case and let them denies me a visa?(i scanned and sent them the original birth certificate and my high school leaving cert)all with my date of birth.

  20. Hi sam i have been selected in dv 2013 and the application form there two parts i need help with one education i have finished my high school but now i haven’t finished college what should i select high diploma or college no degree?

    Two i have been working for the last two years while attending college for the past 4 yrs should i indicate this in the application form? thanx in advance

  21. Hi sam, i won the dvlottery and submitted the DS 122 and 230 over 3mnths nw. May i know if KCC has started schdulin interview dates for dv 2013 which i won. Thank you.

  22. Hi guys I was selected for DV Lottery 2013 then I sent forms with filling all the information but I did two mistakes that are 1) they told that if you need extra more space on the form like; to show all the educational institutions and if provided space is not enought I can add a blank paper with question no. and form no. but instead of blank paper I used a same blank (another print) form with filling that question only for what I need extra space.
    2)They told that send all the forms with self adheshive address level but I sent extra envelope with my return address.

    so , now i have doubt that may be i will not get second letter ( interview letter), How you suggest me guys ? was that seriour mistakes and not applicable ?

    • Mohan, you have to wait and watch what happens. It is always best to follow instructions as given. What you have mentioned does not seem to be too serious an issue, but like I said, we need to wait and watch what the government office decides – whether what you have done is acceptable, or whether they will request you to re-send certain information and envelops with your address.

      • thanks samuel for your reply , yes i will wait and see what will happen. interview will starts from Oct 1, 2012 and 6 weeks before interview they will send second letter so i am waiting if not they wont contact never, as i know the rules so god knows.
        thanks anyways sam.

      • hi sam me again hope am not a bother am worried i sent the forms last week and i think i made two mistake 1 when i was filling the forms and redoing them jst to correct where i made mistakes i accedently filled N/A where i was to state if i have ever gonne to state before the instruction said to stae “NEVER” if have not been to state.
        2 when sending the forms i did not understand what they meant by self adhasive i just wrote the kcc address on the envelope. will these mistakes disqualify me for the program.

      • zaqi, I think the error about you not mentioning your prior visit can be explained by letting them know you did not do it intentionally. However, for the address, I am not sure what will happen. You needed to have provided an empty envelope with your own address so that they can contact you.

        Correction: Zaqi, please not that you need to send self-adhesive addresses and not envelope. Well, it can be confusing isn’t it. Let me see if I can get more info on this for you.

      • Hi sam thanx for the reply i wanted to ask should i contact to let them know it was a mistake about the prior visit to state before. secondly can i send them an empty evlope with my return address and let them know.

      • Zaqi, I would not be able to give you an exact answer. Have you tried calling KCC? That may be your best bet yet. If I do find out more info, i will definitely let you know. Meanwhile, you can send self adhesive address labels. I don’t think they have requested envelopes, because if so, then they would have mentioned the size of the envelope.

    • It has to be self adhesive address label I guess, unless they have mentioned specification of the envelope size. In that case it would be self addressed envelope.

      I have edited my response for zaqi and like i mentioned there, i will try to get more info on this.

  23. Samuel – again thank you in advance! If i am expecting my interview around october in Australia should i have been notified by now? Is it time to send an email enquiring about my status? Regards.

  24. Second notification letter ( 2nl )

    Hi guys,i hope you are all well,i am getting worried every new day as i have not yet received my 2nl despite the fact that in the visa bulletin they are saying that they are processing between numbers 1 to 8,000 yet mine is among the last za 4,000.i called the KCC and they said they are processing the papers,i wonder if anybody else above 5,000 in case number has received the same,
    Guys i ask for your prayers i hope all turns out well,see?im supposed to be current in October so i fail to understand how it can stay for so long?
    At times i ask myself if it couls be because of the mistake i made in date of birth(Someone applied for me n wrote the wrong yr though i wrote to them to correct the mistake)
    Meen,its tough!!!

  25. When i try to check on the entras status website,this is what i get
    An unexpected error has occurred. Unable to load DLL ‘OraOps10.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

  26. I applied for the dv lottery 2013 and was giving a unique nos i typed my last name accurately y o b plus capcha and every time it came out an error pls inform me what to do though i once check by may 2013 or is it a once check pls fill me in .ray

  27. hi sam i have been selected in dv 2013 .but i made a mistak form DSP122,DS230 write your name in natives alphabet but i wort in roman letter so what shall better and i send in post EMS but i dnt know the delved report .TNX

    • Teshale…maybe you should contact the Consulate at which your application is going to be processed. You will need to go to the consulate for your interview. So if you have problems with your application, the consulate is the right place to go to get your doubts cleared.

  28. Hi Sam, I’m one of the DV 2013 winners, and I submitted the forms to KCC in late June. I haven’t received any notification in my entrant status or email since the first selectee notification. I emailed to KCC and they said my forms have been recieved and in the process. My case number is an early one something like 2013****67**. I think I should have received second notification letter by now. Any advice for me???

    • Ei Phyu, I think you just need to wait it out, if KCC has told you that your application is being processed. Or, you should contact them. They are the ones who can assist you.

  29. Dear Sam thank you very much for your kind support,
    I have tow quastions; could you please help me:
    1- If I applied for dv 2013 when I was out of USA then I went (in vistor visa) to USA can I contine my proccess in USA.
    2- I applied to me and to my fiancée in tow separate application then we got married if I win can I take her with me
    Thank u very much

    • Anas, you can continue the process from USA as long as you are in legal status – that is, your visa should not have expired. You will not be able to take your fiance (now spouse) with you. However, once you are in the US, you can sponsor a green card through marriage for your spouse.

  30. If my sponsor refuse .did I still have chance to give another sponsor address on my visa appointment day ??????? Please I need help sam

  31. Hello i recieved an email that it informs me i won the dv lottery but year is not given, also it says I should pay 879 $ fees for a person in uk! Still I didn’t check my status cause I didn’t believe such as email ! Will u tell me why u don’t prevent such as senders how they found our informations ? Thanks for replying soon

    • Serka, checking online using your confirmation number is the only way in which you can know your result. Don’t get fooled by people who call you or send you mails and emails saying you have won and you need to pay. All that is just scam. People who do this have their own ways to get information. You need to be careful who you share your email id and phone numbers with. Since you know this email is fraud, its best you ignore it.

  32. Hi sam i need to know if the selection is still ongoing as per now .i havent had ma results todate n when i keep checking the answer i get is maenrty has not been selected n i shd keep ma confirmation numbern check again for more resultts in early october.should i keeep waiting or shd i go on n apply for 2014?

    • Nancy, if you had participated in the 2012 lottery, there is no point in waiting because the entrant status check was available only till Sep 30, 2012. If you participated in the DV 2013, you can still go ahead and check because the government says, ” Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV- 2013 is available until September 30, 2013.”
      DV lottery 2014 is on now and you could increase your chances of winning by participating this year too.

  33. Hi Sam. For the DV2013 my result is still bad that is NOT BEEN SELECTED and i’ll keep on checking till September 30, 2013 but what do you think do i have less chance every month or it always goes randomly as in the beginning, and do they classify participates like in continents or countries or all together.? Tnx in advance Sam bless you.

    • Buddy, the selection of winners is a random selection from within regions. Each region has a specific number of visas allotted to it. Entries from each region are separately numbered and the computer randomly picks up numbers from within each category as winners for that region.

  34. hi sami i am one of selcted guy for further processing of 2013 dv lottery but i was checked the status after five month late meaning i selected on may 1 and i checked at mid of September, my case number was not far it is around 7000 and as i hear the further processing selection reached around case number 16350 while i send all form and document to the counselor, so can they see and arrange my nearest case number after they passed the case number of me? pls send email it is:- ache.gonfa@yahoo.com .

    • Ashenafi, I’m unable to answer your question. If you have been selected a winner and you have followed the instructions I think you should be fine, even if you are late. But I think there is a time limit associated with it. However, its best you contact the nearest US consulate for detailed information. Also, you can check the visa bulletin to find out which case number is currently being processed. You can access the visa bulletin here.

  35. hello sammy, I participated in the 2014 DV Lottery but i made a mistake on the day of my date of brth. I reside in the United States and studying in the University.i want to know will this pose a problem for me when i want to change my status here in the United States when i win the Lottery?

    • I admire your positive outlook in saying “when I win the lottery” and not “if I win the lottery”. After you win the lottery, and you begin the visa procedures you will have to update the error. You will need proof of your original date of birth. Its best that you speak to an immigration official at the US consulate nearest to where you live.

  36. dear sam , thanks for your insightful response to all the various questions. i would like to know all the money that a DV winner will pay at the embassy Thanks

    • Hi… I am not sure of the exact amount you will have to pay at an embassy. The fees may differ slightly from embassy to embassy so its best that you contact the embassy or the nearest US consulate directly.

  37. Dear Sam, thanks for your kind response. please i want you to enlighten me on how a dv lottery winner who has a new baby after beeen granted immigrant visa is treated at the embassy or consulate

    • If you had the baby after submitting your lottery application, you need to inform the US consulate of your current position now. You will have to provide proof that the child is yours – a birth certificate with your name on it as the parent should be fine. For further info, please contact the Consulate.

  38. Hi Samuel.. my niece and husband had the interview in havana on the early second week of february and they were aproved and told to come the next week to pick up the visas. as they were told, they went to the office and they person on charge told them to come back again next week. is this a normal procedure or is there something to worry about?? thanks and have a great day!!

    • I really would not be able to answer this question as the procedure can be different at different offices. The best way would be to check with the office itself. You need to either contact the US Consulate and/or Embassy for more info.

  39. i AM SURE im enetering the right information to check for DV 2014 but i keep getting an error.WHAT am i doing wrong?

  40. Please the email i use during when i register for the lottery can not open again,my email has been change.Please …

  41. Hi Sam, my question is (1) how to i place my passport photo on the form ds 230 part 1 and (2) should i fill the form with N/A or NONE please help thank you.

    • You will be asked about what you have filled in your application, your education, work experience, family, etc. Answer everything honestly. If you did not understand a question, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer to explain or repeat it slowly.

      You will also be asked about your moral standing – if you have any criminal records. And about your health. People with certain communicable diseases and criminals will not be allowed to immigrate to the US.

  42. i have played the dv lottery for three years now but still not successful.I very much wish to live the American dreams one day.i’m 4m Cameroon but now living in Thailand.How do i get there,where the future is best brighter through hard work…@someone help me.Thks

  43. Hi,
    I made a mistake in my green card lottery application, which is i entered my wife’s birth district instead of birth town. Is that occur problem to me if i win green card lottery.


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