Green card lottery application

Doesn’t the word “lottery” , drive the people crazy.Yes,it does! The number of people who prefer to go to US from different parts of the world increases every year as US has become a country with opportunities in abundance .Since too many people world wide apply for the green card ,many are put on hold ,so people try their luck in green card lottery .Therefore its a good option to apply for the green card lottery.

The green card lottery application program is conducted every year to provide 50,000 visas or greencards to people from all over the world.Successful applicants not only have the privilege of possessing a green card but also can apply for citizenship if they desire. They are able to become permanent residents in US ,thereby fulfilling their dreams.Apart form this, one can bring their spouse and children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 to the US.

The basic eligiblity requirement to participate in the lottery application program is that,

  • An applicant must be native of a qualifying country( qualifying country refers to the country which sends less than 50,000 immigrants to the US every year)
  • An applicant must meet the educational and training requirements (that is the person should have a high school education or 2 years of work experience in the particular field.)

The green card application is often described as a very tedious and a difficult process Obtaining the green card through the lottery application program is very easy and quick process.Hence every year thousands of people apply for the green card lottery and try their luck.

DV lottery application form:

Applicants who fulfil the above mentioned eligiblity requirements only can apply for the DV lottery application form.There is no fee for participating in the DV lottery application program.The instructions are provided by the State Department ,and failure to follow the instructions will lead to rejection in the application.Millions of such applications with errors have been disqualified every year.Hence utmost care should be taken while filling the DV lottery application form.Further the Department of State has brought in special techniques and other means to avoid any kind of fraud and to make the DV application process more secure and efficient.

To participate in the lottery program,one has to

  • fill the application per instructions
  • upload the photos of every people listed in the application.(either photos can be uploaded in the application or send by email or by regular mail).Photos play a vital role in the application process process,hence recent photos per the instructions must be sent.

Once the application and photos are approved ,green card lottery application winners will be notified by mail to their respective address mentioned in their application.

The KCC will notify the winners who are selected.Random selection by the KCC computer as a selectee does not automatically guarantee that you will receive a visa. You must qualify for the visa as well.

When getting a green card becomes a easy process,this is the chance to take advantage of this opportunity and participate in the green card lottery and try your luck!


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