How to Apply for DV Green card lottery?

Getting a green card will give you legal residence status in the US. You can enter, work and live permanently in the US. There are different ways to get a green card.

The US visa lottery :

You can get a green card through the DV green card lottery program. The DV green card lottery (Diversity Visa) program, is a good opportunity for immigrants to obtain permanent legal resident status. This program is conducted every year and provides 50,000 green cards to applicants who are selected randomly. Applicants should meet simple, but strict eligibility requirements. Not all countries are eligible. So the first eligibility criteria is that you should be from a qualifying country. The eligibility country will generally be the same as your country of birth and is not related to where you live. Other eligibility criteria is that the applicant should have at least a high school education or its equivalent.

You might be wondering why certain countries are not eligible to participate in the green card free lottery program. Countries from which large number of immigrants move to the US are not eligible. If more thatn 50,000 persons in the family and employment based visa categories immigrated to the US in the last five years from a single country, this country will not qualify for the current year’s DV lottery.

If you are eligible, you should submit only one entry. Individuals will be disqualified if they submit more than one entry. But a husband and wife can each submit one entry if each meet the eligibility requirements for the green card free lottery program.

If you are not from a qualifying country, you can apply if your spouse if from an eligible country. But here both the applicant and the spouse have to enter the US together if selected. All the children under 21 listed in the entrant’s application can accompany their parents during the US visit. You can also qualify through the country of birth of either of your parents as long as neither of your parents was a resident of an ineligible country at the time of your birth.

How the DV green card lottery process works:

All the applications received will be separately numbered at the Kentucky Consular Center. A computer will randomly select from the available entries for each geographic region. All the applications have an equal chance of getting selected in this DV lottery program. Then winners will be notified by post. This letter will have instructions for the visa application process. The Kentucky Consular Center will send appointment letters to the winners four to six weeks before the interview with the US consular officers overseas. The selected applicants will have to pay all diversity and immigrant visa fees in person at the US embassy or Consulate at the time of visa application.

Though only winners will be notified, all applicants will be able to check the status of their application to know if they have succeeded in the green card free lottery program. Selected applicants can apply for adjustment of status for permanent residence. The application has to to submitted to the USCIS.


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