Where do I find the US immigration forms?

Every year, thousands of people go to the United States of America, either for a visit or to live and work there. Immigration to the US is very common and as such the country is aptly called the land of immigrants. Immigrants are aware of the privileges of lawful presence in the US. The process and procedures of entering the US vary depending on the intention of visit. Visas and greencards are the ones most commonly used tools to facilitate the visit.

To get a visa or greencard, US immigration forms are to be filed either at the American Consulate or while in the US specific to the user. There are Immigrant and non-immigrant visas that can be used for the visit. Non-immigrant visas are for temporary visits to the U.S. for tourism, study, or work. Immigrant visas allow for Permanent Residence in the U.S. Visitor visas, Work Visas, Student visas are a few commonly used entities to enter the US.

The US immigration forms are available on the USCIS website. And there are also many private players in this field who make the forms available on their website and they charge a fee for assisting users in filling and filing the forms. The help of attorneys are at times sought to fill the US immigration forms that can be sophisticated at times. The USCIS (formely the INS) is the sole authority and government agency that processes these forms. They are authorised to approve or reject the form. Approximately, 40 percent of the forms submitted are rejected every year because of it being erroneous or incomplete. This acts as a proof of the forms being sophisticated to file.

The US immigration laws are also very strict and are vigilant to ensure immigrants enter and stay legally. Hence the US immigration forms filed even with a minimal error gets rejected. The case is denied even if the immigration officials sense a small evidence of suspicion. So the applicant needs to be transaparent and truthful in all the information he provided in the US immigration forms. The US immigration forms come with detailed filing instructions that has the fees, the supporting documents and the mailing address and other instructions specific to the user.

After the user submits the US immigration forms to the USCIS, he/she will get a receipt for the form filed. That notice will contain a 13 digit Application receipt number with which the applicant can track the status of the application submitted. Applicants will also be notified about the date for biometrics. The processing time for the US immigration form differ from one another depending on the purpose of the form. For certain applicants, the process will be expedited considering the situation under which they are filing the form. The USCIS revises the US immigration forms frequently. While mentioning revision, the expiry and revision dates of the US immigration forms are the ones that get updated. Certain US immigration forms can be e-filed. Here all supporting documentation can be submitted at the time of the interview.


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