US Visas – Types

Visas are just entry documents. Would you like to enter and have a holiday in the U.S.? Well, this is not only the advantage of US Visas, but there are many indeed. US Visas are the documents that enable one to travel and stay in the US for a given period of time. There are many types of Visas ranging from tourist visa to immigrant visa. It depends on the type of visa a person is really in need of.

A foreigner who visits US would have to go for non immigrant visa for a temporary stay and an immigrant visa for a permanent stay. The type of Visa can be selected according to the purpose for your intended visit to the US. The following are the two major categories of US Visas available.

Immigrant Visa – for permanent stay
Non Immigrant visa – for temporary stay or for a fixed period of time

Immigrant Visa:

Deciding to permanently stay in U.S. is a very complex decision to make. Immigrant visas are for those who want to permanently reside in US, regardless of the fact whether he/she intends to work in the US. To apply for an immigrant visa one has to be sponsored by U.S. citizen or permanent resident relative(s) or by a prospective employer. Affidavit of support, Form I 864 has to be filed by all immigrants, to show to the USCIS that there is an adequate means of financial support in the U.S. by the petitioner or sponsor who meets certain legal requirements.

Types of Immigrant Visas

Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored- This includes,
* Family Immigration
*Marriage to a Foreign National – K 1 Visa, K 3 visa etc
*Adopting a child

Employer Sponsored-this includes the E1,E2,E3,E4 and E5

Special Immigrants-This includes employment for religious workers,employment for the Afghan/Iraqi translators etc.

Diversity Visa Program- Diversity visa doesn’t require U. S. sponsorship, but provides US Visas to immigrants drawn form countries with low rates of immigration

Non Immigrant visas:

The non immigrant visas are for the travelers who come to US for a wide range of purpose. The purpose may be due to business, tourism, participants in exchange programs, medical reasons, performing artists, students, Government representatives and other kinds of temporary work. In other words, all those who wish to be in U.S. for a short duration of time. Most of the non immigrant visas have an expiration date and also has an advantage of being extended a certain number of times. The non immigrant visas differ from each other in the kinds of privileges they offer, as well as how long they are valid. There are many types of non Immigrant visas for e.g Business visitors(B-1 ), Tourism/vacation/pleasure visitors(B2), Exchange visitors (J), Medical treatment (B-2), etc. It is always important to have all the necessary information you need to apply for the required visa and the steps to be followed.

Usually the immigration process takes about 2 to 3 years approximately. The process for US Visas, which sound complicated, when followed systematically can be obtained easily, whatever may be the type of US visas one would prefer.


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