Diveristy Visa lottery and Permanent Residence in United States

The Diversity Visa is a lottery program which is administered every year by the Department of State. The purpose of DV lottery is to help people from various regions to obtain legal permanent residence in United States.

Every individual who wishes to participate in the DV lottery is expected to meet the eligibility requirements set by the State Government. Individuals who apply for the lottery must be born in a qualiying country that is eligible for the fiscal year. If an individual is not from a qualifying country, he or she may qualify through his or her spouse provided the spouse is from a qualifying country. If they win the lottery program, the couple may enter the United States jointly. If the individual is not married, he or she may then qualify through parents provided one of the parents was born in an eligible country, then he/she can claim their parent’s country of birth.

The other requirement apart form the qualifying country is that the individual must have a higher level of education with a minimum of a High School diploma or have a minimum of two years of working experience. The working experience level of the applicant must be within the five years.

How to enter the DV lottery?

The application for DV lottery must be submitted by the qualifying individuals. All individuals must ensure that they submit only one application to avoid the disqualification of the application by the administerers of the State Department if two or more applications are submitted. The DV lottery applications must be submitted electronically. Applications handfilled and mailed in will not be accepted by the State Government. The individual may complete the form or have another person complete the form on his/her behalf. On successful submission of the application, a confirmation number will be given for reference.

Every application must be accompanied with a photo for each member included in the application. A single photo with all the family members will be rejected. Individual photos must be submitted for each family member. The photos play a vital role in the application process and this is required to have the entry processed. Like the DV lottery application the photos must be submitted electronically by every individual who wishes to participate in the lottery program. Children above 21 years of age and those who are already US citizens need not be included in the application.

The selection process in computerized. All entries received from each region will be numbered individually. The computer will then randomly select the entries. Entries from each region received during the registration period will have equal chances of being selected. Every year more than 50,000 applicants will be selected. This is due to the reason that not all the people will qualify for the visas or pursue their cases to visa issuance.

The winners of the DV lottery program will be notified by mail with instructions on the next step and details of the fees. The winners will be then called for an interview and the qualified applicants will be issued Permanent Resident Cards. Green Card Lottery is one of the best way to get green card to USA.


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