Becoming eligible for the DV lottery

Green Card holders or lawful permanent residents are authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. There are many ways through which a green card can be obtained. The most sought out ways are through the family, employment and through the DVlottery.

The lottery is called as the diversity visa program which is conducted annually under the aegis of the US government for people from various geographic regions.

Why DV Lottery?

The lottery issues about 50,000 visas to applicants who meet the eligibilty requirements as laid down by the United States government. The winners will be selected randomnly from the submitted enteries and from regions having a low rate of immigration to the United States.

The green cards are distributed amongst six geographic regions, which have lower rates of immigration to the United States. The United States government conducts the DV lottery every yeat to maintain the diversity of its people, which it is known for. This allows people from across the globe to participate in the DV lottery every year. The lottery is named after the fiscal year for which it is designed.

Requirements to Participate in the Visa Lottery:

Per the law laid down, the applicant should satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

He/she should be a native of a qualifying country. If they do not meet this criterion they can still qualify through their spouse or through their parents provided they are from an eligible country. The list of the eligible countries varies each year and much would depend on the number of immgrants moving to the United States from a pariticular country.

The applicant should have a minimum educational qualification. It can either be a high school education or equivalent, or they should have two years of work experience in the past five years.

Per the law laid down by the State Department, the applicant should fill in the lottery per the details given by them. The applicant for the DV lottery must submit only one application for a fiscal year. Multiple submission will lead to disqualification. However the spouse of the applicant can file a separate application.

It is mandatory that the applicant includes his spouse and children below 21 years of age, in the application, with the exception of children who are already US citizen or green card holders. The applicant must also list all children who are unmarried and under 21 years of age whether they are the natural children, children by previous marriage or children who were formally adopted in accordance with the laws of the applicant’s country.

The online process:

While preparing the application you cannot save the form and complete it later. The program is designed in such a way that the application has to be completed online at one time. You would be allowed about 60 minutes between the applications download till the entry is received by the lottery web site.
Signatures are not required on the lottery application. However recent photographs of the applicant and all the persons listed in the application have to be uploaded.
The selection process for the lottery is very simple. All the applications submitted will be provided distinct numbers by the Kentucky Consular Center. A computer will then randomnly select from the available applications for each geographic region.
This will ensure that all applications have an equal chance of getting selected for the visa lottery. Winners of the DV lottery will be notified by post and the notice will contain details of the next steps in the visa process.


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