Gifting a Green Card. Is it True?

Absolutely not. There are strong rumors that keep popping up regarding gifting a green card. As mentioned earlier, it is a rumor and there is no such thing as a green card gift visa. Make sure you do not fall prey to anyone who tells you that they can arrange one for your friend without your friend knowing.

The Green cards process is a bit sophisticated and your information is thoroughly verified before the application further proceeds to the lottery stage. Even after you win the lottery, you still have to undergo lot of checks and interviews before you get the actual green card visa. You can never surprise your friend with a green card visa. Remember that green card visas are not transferable. If you happen to get selected in the green card lottery program, you will not be able to give away your right to immigrate into US through the Diversity Visa Program because you are not permitted to do so and you cannot transfer the ownership of the application to any other person.

Even if you are submitting an error-free application on your friend’s name, you in fact are ruining his/her chances to get the visa if he/she already applied or plans to apply soon. You cannot submit more than one entry and if you do so, both the entries will be automatically subjected to rejection. Do not think you are doing a favor to your friend by trying to apply for him without his knowledge.

A green card opens the doors to the land of opportunity, the United States. A green card offers you an wonderful opportunity and it is entirely up to you how you grab and choose to use it. The green card is indeed an opportunity to live and work in the most thriving, most developing and richest nation. It also creates a path to become an American citizen, as being a Lawful Permanent Resident is one of the main eligibility requirements to qualify for citizenship.

The United States is a country with people of different origins and ethnicity and many languages can be heard through people of different cultures and religions. As a green card holder, you can enjoy the privilege of most legal rights under US law, except for the voting right which only US citizens have. You can be a green card holder forever and it is not mandatory that you run for citizenship.

While filing the green card application, list all your children, natural, stepchildren or legally adopted, under 21 years of age and are unmarried, regardless of your present marital status with their parent and whether you are filing for green card on their behalf or not. Ensure that you do not list children that are already US citizens or have a Legal Permanent Resident status and do not list married children or children over 21, as they are not eligible to get a green card along with you.
If you have a permanent resident card or green card, your spouse and minor unmarried children under 21 can stay with you in the US as dependents.


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