Marriage Based Green Card Interview

Persons seeking a green card based on marriage to a US citizen have to appear for an interview at a local USCIS office or at a US consulate before the application can be approved.

The interview is a bit tricky. Ensure that you prepare well in advance for the interview by reviewing your copy of the application you filed. You will be required to verify the information given in your application is correct and complete. So check if any information in your application has changed since you filed the petition.

Arrive on time for your interview. You may have to wait for a while to pass security clearance. So it is always better to arrive early to get more time in the office. Do not carry a cell phone containing a built-in camera or recording device. Dress neatly. Have with you all supporting documentation that the officer might expect. You can also make copies of important documents and bring the originals as well. If you do so, the officer can check the original document if necessary and keep the copy in your package. Keep your documents in an organized manner for the interview to go more smoothly and you will not have difficulties while trying to locate the documents.

You should bring the following documents with you for the interview:

Proof of your genuine marriage to your spouse
The officer has to be convinced that you did not marry just to get an immigration benefit. So make sure you bring adequate documents evidencing your life together with your spouse. This documentation can be:
Adequate proof of your marriage, such as the wedding invitation, engagement
announcement, and photographs
Photographs of you and your spouse together at vacations or gatherings with friends and family
Birth certificates and photographs of children you have with your spouse

In addition, any documents issued in both of your names such as Utility bills, Mortgage or lease on an apartment or house, Car title or lease, Bank account statements, Tax returns filed as a married couple

The documentation you can use to prove the genuineness of your marriage is not limited to this list given above. You can bring whatever evidence you have that can convince the officer that you are married to and living with your spouse.

Financial information

Copies of your joint tax returns for the last three years.
Evidence of your current employment.

You also have to prove that you and your spouse have sufficient income to sustain yourselves at 125% of the federal poverty level. You will be questioned about your life with your spouse. The officer will ask details about your daily life together, such as where you live, what car you have, and other facts that you would not know about your spouse unless you had an ongoing and genuine relationship. If you do not know the answer to a question, plainly tell the interviewing officer that you don’t know rather than create an answer. Lying to an officer is a criminal act, and you will have to face serious consequences.

If you had prepared well, the green card marriage interview should be relatively smooth. If you and your spouse have a genuine marriage, it should be easy for you to gather the required proof. Sit along with your spouse to prepare and have the proof well in advance to get your green card approved quickly.


3 thoughts on “Marriage Based Green Card Interview

  1. The interview process will be a bit tough, meaning there will be many questions as many applicants just fake their marriage to get a green card. So it is important the couple attending the interview sit together and discuss in detail before their interview.


  2. Lately the immigration officers have also been asking whether the husband has met his spouse’s family, and the names of her brothers and sisters.


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