Crime and Green Card Lottery

There are quite a few eligibility requirements one has to meet in order to participate in the DV lottery program. One is related to good moral character which means that the applicant should not have a criminal background. If one has committed any crime, the application will be disqualified. Having committed simple fraud crimes to big crimes as drug possession will eventually disqualify an applicant.

Other requirements :

Applicants should have completed high school or have two years work experience.
Most people are eligible to participate in the program. Held annually, this winners of this lottery program will be considered for an American Green Card. Only individuals from low visa requesting countries are eligible. Through this program, 55,000 green cards are newly created every year. Countries that send more number of their nationals to the US are not eligible. If you are from one of the countries that is not in the qualifying list, but you are the spouse of someone who is from an eligible country, you can apply through your spouse’ nationality of the eligible spouse.

With a green card, one can legally live and work in the US permanently. Green card holders also enjoy certain other privileges such as qualifying for health care, education, social security and other benefits. In addition to this, green card holders can also petition their relatives for green cards so that even they can come to the US.

Remember that the Department of State will only accept green card lottery applications submitted electronically at their official website during the registration period. In your application, you have to enter information about yourself, your spouse and all unmarried children below 21 years old.

The selection process is simple. All the applications received at the Kentucky Consular Center will be given separate numbers and a computer will randomly select from the available applications. All applications submitted stand an equal chance of winning as it is done this way. Once you are selected, the KCC will notify you with instructions for the visa application process. The KCC will send appointment letters to those selected four to six weeks before the interview with the US Consulate overseas. DV lottery winners have to pay all diversity and immigrant visa fees at the US embassy or Consulate during the time of the visa application.

All those who have applied will be able to check the status of their application to know if they have succeeded in the green card lottery program. Successful applicants can apply for adjustment of status for permanent residence.


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