How Many People From a Family Can Apply for a Green Card Lottery Visa?

The only one way to enter the DV lottery program is by submitting the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, online. The annual Green Card Lottery program makes visas available for persons meeting certain eligibility requirements. Through this program, a computer-generated, random lottery drawing chooses the applications.

The visas are distributed in such a way that the greater number of visas are allotted to the regions with low rates of immigration. Through this program visas are not given to the citizens of countries from where more than 50,000 individuals have immigrated to the United States in the past 5 years. This diversity lottery program is planned in such a way that it gives immigration opportunities to people from various countries so that the immigration population in the US will be diverse.

To apply for the Green Card Lottery, its not necessary that you must have relatives in the US, have a job offer in the US or you must write and speak English. In order to qualify, you must be a qualified immigrant and you must be able to work and help yourself. You will not be eligible if you are a criminal.

Eligibility norms to participate in the Green Card Lottery lottery program

You must have successfully completed a 12-year elementary and secondary education.
Two years of work experience in the past five years is required.
If you are already living in the US, you can apply for Green Card Lottery lottery even if you are in the US on some other status.
You can apply for Green Card Lottery lottery if you are over the age of 18.

Separate application for spouse and family members

The family members can file individual applications, if they are qualified for the DV lottery. The husband and the wife can submit separate entries, on satisfying the eligibility requirements. If either one of them is selected, the other will be eligible for the derivative status. On one application the husband will be the primary applicant and the wife will be the primary applicant on the other application. If both husband and wife qualify on their own, they can submit separate applications and it will increase your chance to win the lottery.

It is important to note that individuals should submit only one application. Submitting multiple entries will lead to disqualification.

You must list your spouse and unmarried children below the age of 21, on your entry. Even if your spouse chooses to apply for a Green Card Lottery separately, he/she must be listed in your entry. If you are legally separated, then you need not list your former spouse on you entry. As you enter the names of your spouse and children on your entry, it does not mean that they must travel with you. Unmarried children below the age of 21 can be included in the parent’s application. If the children below the age of 21 are married or if the children are above the age of 21(single or married) they must file separate applications.

If you fail to list your spouse and eligible dependents on your application form, then your entry will be disqualified. This also applies to your spouse who chooses to to apply separately. She must include you and eligible dependents in the application.
After your entry is accepted, you will get a Confirmation number page. You can check your status online using the unique number which is allotted to you. Green Card Lottery is one of the best ways to get green card.


4 thoughts on “How Many People From a Family Can Apply for a Green Card Lottery Visa?

  1. If there were no child/dependant at the time the application was filled.Definitely a child name will not be included.But at the time the result came out there has been a child how would the child benefit?Thank you .


  2. Please I just want to know if my child who is 19 years old can apply seperately for the dv. Regardless of the fact that i’ve included him on my application cos he’s below 21 and unmarried. Waiting for ur reply. Thank you


    • If your son meets the eligibility requirements as specified in the application, he can apply separately. However, he will not be able to include parents and siblings on his application. He can include spouse and children in case he is married and has children of his own.


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