Top 10 Colorful Spring Festival

1)April 1-29, Cherry Blossom Festival Brooklyn, NY : This festival is based on Japanese theme. Japanese culture are performed lively from martial arts to bonsai.

2)April 1-30, Skagit Tulip Festival Skagit, WA : Colorful crops drags plenty of visitors to visit this skagit tulip festival.

3)April 11-15, North Carolina Azalea Festival Wilmington, NC : This is one of the biggest festival dedicated to one of the region’s most beautiful species of flora.

4)April 20-22, Dogwood Arts Festival Knoxville, TN: This festival is purely based on art and music. Concerts based on East Tennessee’s rich musical history from jazz to bluegrass, rock to country. You can also see exhibition, art fairs and Studio tours in this festival.

5)April 21-28, Historic Garden Week, Virginia: This is one of the America’s Largest Open House featuring hundreds of private and public gardens.

6)April 27-29, Daffodil Festival Weekend Nantucket Island, MA: This festival happens at one of the most beautiful spots in New England Coast. You can see three millions variety of blooms, showcase an array of Daffodil hats and Antique car parade in this festival.

7)May 4-21, Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa: This event is famous for tulip bulbs which is famous product in Nether-land and it’s gifted by Princess Juliana in 1945.

8)May 18-19, Magnolia Blossom Festival Magnolia, AR: This festival is a more friendly event. In this festival, a contest will be conducted whoever win’s it will be provided Governor’s trophy along with $ 4k Prize money.

9)June 1-17, Fields of Lupine Festival Franconia, NH: This festival is famous because white mountains turn purple in the late Spring season and brings plenty of crowds. There is also cultural events along with other special activities.

10)June 8-17, Mackinac Island Lilac Festival Mackinac Island, MI: This resort island celebrates the purple majesty of the lilac. You will see much anticipated Dog parade and crowing of year’s Lilac queen and plenty of events to keep you entertained.


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