Top 10 World’s Best Eco Lodges

1) Laguna Lodge, Guatemala: It is located at the shores of Lake Atitlan. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes stones and mountains. The lodge is designed with natural crafts surrounded by nature with toiletries chemical free and hot water is solar powered. The land size is about 40 acres so you have plenty of time to spend with nature.

2)Damaraland Camp, Namibia: This lodge is owned by local community. It is located in Huab Valley and it is famous for its friendly atmosphere. Nature walks, mountain bikking and Bushman rock art are some of the attractions you can find here.

3)Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia: This resort is famous for reef and also one of the beautiful diving spots in the world. Because of over fishing the reefs are getting destroyed. In order to protect over fishing and save reef, they have employed 150 local community people to protect Now they have established reef sanctuaries here.

4)Annie’s Cabin, England: It is located at the heart of Shropshire hills and will make you feel active and fresh even after leaving this place.

5)The Mudhouse, Srilanka: It is located in the dense forest and 2 hours drive from Colombo. The Mudhouse is simple but feels like luxury. Huts are made up of mud’s and coconut leaves. There is no electricity or hot water. Only lanterns and candles are available which makes that place looks romantic. This area is heaven for birds, swimming pool and villages to explore.

6)Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco: The place built up of traditional building technique. It’s a great place for hiking into the high atlas mountain. The panoramic view will make you glued.

7)Cree Village Eco-lodge, Canada: It is located in the Moose river, in the province of Ontario. It is built from natural and non-toxic material and first aboriginal owned lodge in Canada. You will be provided with Aboriginal cuisines depends on the season.

8)Teapot Lane Luxury Yurt Camp, Ireland: This is low key but comfortable eco-treat, nestled in the two acres of Irish woodlands. It consists of three hand crafted yurts and a pair of restored country cottages. Self catering, Campfire and Barbecue areas and also guests are provided with free baskets of organic vegetables.

9)Samasati Nature Retreat, Costa Rica: The best impression about this places is, built luxuriously without land clearing or tress cutting and constructed from green wood, custom made sewage treatment system. The place offers waterfall trekking, bird watching, kayaking, yoga and horse back riding through virgin rain forest. You can also see the view of Caribbean sea.

10)Daintree Ecolodge & Spa Australia: It is one of the world’s oldest rain forest. This place is collection of tree houses made from natural materials. The spa treatment is provided by local elders using natural herbs known for their traditional medicinal and healing properties. The local people sells local handicraft and paintings. Guests are allowed to go into rain forest walks, boating etc.


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