Define “American” Campaign

The debate on immigration is often more complex and frustrating. For many this question about defining ‘American’ is still unanswerable as they are doubtful of whether the answer to the question is related to politics or ideology, about the persons place of birth or lifestyle. An American Citizen, Julia says that, throughout the democratic history of the US, there had been situations where the laws of the US had been unjust towards the immigrants. She says so, because of the status of her undocumented immigrant-friend.

There are many others immigrants who also keep their status secret for various reasons. Vargas is an undocumented immigrant and he found that his Green Card was a fake only at the age of 16. He is Filipino-born journalist. Being a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Vargas had kept his status undisclosed for a long time. Later he disclosed his undocumented immigrant status. That was when he was so exhausted and hated his life and he also did to want to live. At that time he wanted to come out with the truth and hence, revealed his status. Then he wrote a groundbreaking story about himself, titled ‘My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant’, for the journal ‘The New york Times’.
He then provoked a discussion about defining ‘American’. His goal then was to change the debate around immigration, through his project named ‘Define American’. He requested his readers and viewers to come out with answers. He then established the ‘Define American social media campaign’. He started that with a goal of supplying significant conversation about the immigration issues in the US.
Ricardo Muniz, a Mexican, started to live in the US since he was 7 years old, when his family moved to the US from Mexico. He was ordered to be deported, when he was 22 years old, as he lived in the US as an undocumented immigrant. He had to say good bye to his course in environmental economy. The story of Jose Antonio Vargas, gave a voice to his cause and to the other young immigrants’ causes. Though deportation was not the schedule for Vargas, his story is similar to that of Ricardo.
Though it may not be agreeable to many, the point of the discussion was to ask questions which may result in fresh solutions to the policies related to immigration.
The success of this campaign is the open discussion from the people without any kind of political lines. Though he risked being deported, he did all that as he did not want to stand idle when the whole nation is fighting against immigration reforms.
Its is often too overwhelming for an individual to make a difference. But stories of Americans who help each other is a beautiful part of the US. A social change is guaranteed through this campaign. The real and honest views of the people will bring about a measurable change in the policies.


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