Romney’s Attitude towards Immigration Ignores his Ancestors

Moises Serrano entered the United States when he was only 18 months old. He refers to his parents as the most hardworking and caring people, by whom he was brought to the United States. As a small boy, he had never even thought of fighting for his life and for the rights of his family and his community.
Still he is in the United States as a DREAMER, who is caught in a sea of foreign politics.
In 1990, the Hispanics population accounted for 1.2 percent of the overall population of the state. Currently the population of the Latino’s is 8.4 percent of the population of North Carolina. This is important because, Obama won N.C. Only with 14,000 votes and the number of Latino’s who had registered is around 130,000, which is nearly double when compared to the last cycle.

Mr. Romney has also stated that he would support the DREAM Act, which has gained the support of 91 percent of the Latino’s.
Hispanic voters of North Carolina are found to lean hard towards Obama. The Republican nominees are supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Arizona is the state from where the Mexican-Americans have fled since the establishment of the SB 1070 bill. This is a bill which focused to identify, prosecute and deport the undocumented immigrants.
Romney also comes from a family of immigrants, which the Latino’s never forget. But still, Romney accepted the endorsement of Kris Kobach, who helped to make up the SB1070 act. He also accepts the Governor of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who signed the bill, though he was aware that it would result in racial profiling.
According to Henry Fernandez, a political blogger, in 1882, the Edmund’s Act took away the basic rights of America Citizenship from the polygamists. They were denied the right to vote, work on panels or hold offices. The government agents arrested the polygamists, and they were also forced to leave the country and they were threatened that they would be jailed if they did not leave the country.
It was in the year 1884, that Romney’s great-grandfather left the United States after he brought his wives and children with him to the United States, through Mexico’s southern border. He chose to leave the United States when the US government was strictly against polygamy in the Utah Territory.
Miles Romney is said to have violated the immigration laws of Mexico, knowingly.
Hence, the ancestors of Romney were immigrants, but now Romney is against immigrants who are in similar situations as that of his ancestors.
Henry Fernandez also says that every Latino calls Romney, a hypocrite.
He says that the Hispanics in North Carolina are not afraid, as the people supporting the DREAM act and the faith-based communities will never support or tolerate Romney’s anti-immigrant positions.
He also says that Romney must give up the endorsement made by Kris Kobach. He is also demanded to change his attitude against the immigrants and look for a sensible legislation which will result in the happiness and well-being of the immigration or immigrant children and their families.


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