United States Shelves Deportations

The immigration officials have decided to postpone 7.5% of the deportation cases under the system of the United States, which is planning to deport more criminals from the United States.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement has planned to temporarily modify the deportation cases of almost 16,500 people, after they had reviewed more than 70% of the pending immigration cases.
ICE officials said that around 2,700 deportation cases have been postponed. The other cases require documentation and background checks.

It is still unclear of how many immigrants are aware about this offer and how many had accepted the offer.
An announcement in August, from the administration of President Obama stated that around 300,000 deportation cases will be reviewed. The cases of the immigrants who are not criminals and undocumented immigrants who do not seem to be a threat to the country’s public and national security will definitely be postponed according to the announcement from the Obama administration.
This announcement was accepted by immigrant advocates but was disapproved by the critics. Those critics said that the program was an attempt by the Obama administration to work around the Congress.
Immigrant advocates have been complaining that the government is offering to apply the prosecutorial discretion. They also say that the people whose deportation cases were put on hold, still did not get a work permit to work in America.
Gregory Chen, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association says that the approval rate of work permit is very low. Because of that, the people whose deportation cases are on hold, are unable to cater the needs of their families, as they do not have any source of income.
People think that some immigrants may try their luck in the immigration court in order to get asylum status. More than half of the immigrants won their cases and were granted asylum by an immigration judge, according to the statistics from the Executive Office for Immigration Review. This executive office runs the country’s immigration court system.
Gillian Christensen, deputy press secretary of ICE said that the review was still ongoing. She also said that the main focus was to deport undocumented immigrants with criminal background. They also focus on people who had ignored an earlier court order related to their deportation.
This review is designed in such a way that the agency will be allowed to make use of the available resources which are limited.
More than 2000 deportation cases that have been put on hold, involve immigrants who have been living in America for a long time and also have an immediate relative who is a US citizen.
The cases include around 175 children and 180 college students or graduates who entered the United States when they were below age 16 and they have lived in the United States for more than five years.
The immigration officials are also putting a halt on some of the deportation orders.
According to the views of Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, this program-me was expected to bring a change in the deportation process, but the recent results showed that it has not brought any change in the deportation process.


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