Survey for DV Lottery Winners 2013

I want all the winners to email me since we are working on the survey for DV Lottery Winners 2013.

This is my email ID Thank you.

Processing of Green Cards-DV Lottery Program


19 thoughts on “Survey for DV Lottery Winners 2013

  1. I,Eyiche Nataliya Aleksandrovna,from Ukraine and date of birth 27:03:1970. wish to know if I win the dvlottery 2013.


  2. am not selected once againg, but sincerely something keep telling me that i will smile soonest. sorry about this question, how much do one pay on the day of interview? am preparing in advance, that’s my spirit


    • That’s great. You have to pay processing fees which is $330. If you don’t have sponsor, you have to have enough funds in your bank account to prove that you can survive by yourselves after reaching U.S.


  3. I am Sri lanka.I want to know my results. My details _(1)last name:-Pallewela (2)date of birth:-1966/11/20 (3)confirmation number:- 201329J7EJ6PBFMD.


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