Life After Winning Green Card Lottery

After winning the Green Card lottery, you may enter the United States with an immigrant visa. You will be on your own in the United States and where you go and where you stay is up to you. You must be prepared to take care of yourself in the new world. You must look for a job based on your education and skills. The United States only provides an opportunity for foreign nationals to get an immigrant visa to immigrate to the United States but it does not support the new immigrants to get accommodation or jobs in America.

After winning the lottery there are certain processes to be completed. You must establish your eligibility for an immigrant visa and prepare all the supporting civil documents to get ready for the interview. You must undergo a medical examination and you must also prove that you will not become a public charge to the US government. The required visa fee must be paid for you and your eligible dependents who wish to immigrate with you to America. You will then be required to appear for an interview at a US Embassy or Consulate where your eligibility for an immigrant visa will be determined. You will get an immigrant visa once you are found to be eligible. This immigrant visa will be valid for a period of 6 months and before its expiration, you must enter the United States and apply for a Green Card, to become a lawful permanent resident.

Make sure that you keep all the important documents that you brought from your home country in a safe place, once you enter America. Important documents include your passport, birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificates, educational certificates and certificates related to your work experience. On entering the United States with an immigrant visa, you may choose where you want to live. Most people choose to stay with their family or friends. They move to their own housing after they find a job. If you do not have a friend or a relative who can support you, you may support yourself. There are certain community and religious organizations which help the new immigrants with housing. You can also get help from such organizations until you get a job.

Andrey Lukanov from Bulgaria is one of the lucky winners to win the DV-2011. He was qualified to immigrate to America along with his wife. He was not so sure about winning the lottery, as he entered the lottery just to try his luck. He had entered the lottery in the previous years too, but did not win. He got to know that he was one among the winners once the results were out. He then prepared his civil documents that he was supposed to submit as initial evidence. He had the required educational qualification to be eligible for an immigrant visa, through the DV lottery. He applied for an immigrant visa for himself and his wife to immigrate to America. They underwent a medical examination and paid the required visa fees and then appeared for the immigration visa interview. As Andrey did not have family relations in the United States, he proved that he will be capable of supporting himself, through the property that he had in Bulgaria. Through that he established that he will not become a public charge, once he enters the United States.

Andrey who was 25, was just starting his career in Bulgaria. But he was sure that he can get a job related to his education in the United States. Hence, he entered the United States with his wife with their immigrant visas. As Andrey was able to support himself and his wife financially, they chose to find a house in America as soon as they entered. It took around a month for him to find a job. He was able to get a job as a technical assistant, in South Carolina, through the Human resources offices of businesses.

He has a plan to apply for US citizenship after completing five years in the United States as a lawful permanent resident. Though he misses Bulgaria, he is happy that he is one of the permanent residents in the greatest nation.


4 thoughts on “Life After Winning Green Card Lottery

  1. We all wish to get new opportunities and start new lives, thank God you got that opportunity. Work hard for you and your family, ill keep trying till i get the opportunity… Peace


    • There are two options. One is applying through DV Lottery Government website where they will open registration during October month and the second option is applying through private organization as you can submit your information to them and they will submit on behalf of you during DV Lottery time and provide you the confirmation number. You need to choose the best one.


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