July 4th – America’s Independence Day

Independence Day of America which is annually celebrated on July 4, has deep roots in the tradition of America related to political freedom. This day celebrates the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of Independence and is variously called as “the Fourth of July”. Family and patriotic events are organized in America to commemorate this special day. Americans celebrate the birthday of America on this day and is the biggest birthday party in America. This is a federal holiday and the Government and private offices are closed on this day bringing together all Americans. American families celebrate together with picnics and barbecues.

Various activities are organized to specialize this day and competitions such as hotdog eating and watermelon eating are famous. Sporting activities such as baseball and swimming activities are also organized. Unlike other holidays, Independence Day is a patriotic holiday where the people of America get together to celebrate the positive facets of the United States of America. People display the flag of America in their homes. Americans thank their first generation for the independence and freedom. The American flag which is the most common symbol of the Independence Day, can be seen on the buildings and houses. The Statue of Liberty is another symbol which is associated with the Independence Day. On this day politicians appear in various public events to show their support to America and its people.

Fireworks displays accompanied by patriotic music are organized by many communities. As it is summer in America, all the events are conducted outdoors. Many people use this day and lengthen their weekends and have an extended weekend. A local interruption to traffic may be caused because of the public events, parades and fireworks displays. Fireworks are usually displayed in the evening at parks, town squares and near beaches. Some of the Independence Day activities are of celebratory fashion. Fireworks, concerts, barbeques and vacation are some of the traditional aspects of the Independence day celebrations.

Fireworks display has become a primary symbol of the Fourth of July. Fireworks with the colors in the flag of America such as red, white and blue are a perfect symbol of America’s Independence Day. Many concerts take place across the country on the Independence Day. Patriotic songs will be played at the concerts. People celebrate the Independence day traditionally, by attending or organizing picnics or barbeques. Many churches in the United States also organize cookouts or barbeques for its congregations which will be an outreach for the communities around the church. Hotdogs, hamburgers, French fries, cheeseburgers, vegetables and kebabs are some of the typical foods cooked on the Independence day. Most Americans who love to travel make use of this holiday to travel to some of their favorite places such as water parks, beaches and mountains.

This largest birthday celebration, enjoyed by all Americans marks the pride and patriotism of the United States of America. The Fourth of July, a vitally important day is hence a day of entertainment and jubilation.


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