USCIS Announces the Forms to be used to Request Deferred Action

You must be wondering why I am talking again about deferred action instead of the green card lottery. Well, right now in the US, as far as immigration is concerned at least, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is the biggest news!

USCIS has announced that persons who are eligible to apply for deferred action need to file forms I-821D, I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and I-765 WS simultaneously. The total fees to be sent along with the forms is $465 which includes an $85 biometrics fee. All applicants will have to go to their local ASC for their scheduled biometrics appointments.

If a person’s application is approved, the person will be granted 2 years deferred action, meaning their case will not be considered as priority for processing to check if they need to be deported for another 2 years from the date on which the application was approved. Also, the persons will get employment authorization documents (EAD) which will allow them to seek employment. This means they get social security numbers and can apply for a driver’s license.

These people can also apply for a renewal when the 2 year period is drawing to a close. Renewal applications will be subject to review and USCIS discretion.

Persons whose application are not approved need not fear that they will be deported immediately. USCIS has told that the information they receive in the applications will not be used to initiate deportation proceedings against the applicants.

For more information on the deferred action process, it is best to visit the USCIS website.


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