The Best Day and Time to Register for Green Card Lottery 2014

A week has gone by since the registration period for the green card lottery began on Oct 2, 2012. People who are natives of eligible countries and who have the required education or work experience have been registering in huge numbers. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have until Nov 3, 2012 exactly at noon EST, when the registration will close.

No longer are people asking about the eligibility requirements. I understand they know enough about it. There are a few people asking about the photo that they need to submit. Well, the photo has to exactly meet the specific requirements put forth by the government. The instructions regarding the photo are very clear. There is a diagrammatic representation for the dimensions. Also, there are several sample photos to show what a photo should not look like. What’s more, there is now a photo validator available which will allow a person to check whether the photo is correct or not.

So here comes the most important questions that are currently bothering applicants:

When is the correct time to submit an application? Which time during the submission period (which dates) has the greatest chance of producing the winning entries? Will my chances to win the lottery improve if I sumbit at the beginning of the registration period? Or the end?

Best Time to Submit Green Card Lottery Application Image:

Well folks, I don’t think there is any one particular day or any particular time or time period that can be considered to be the best to increase your chances of winning. The winners are picked by a random draw. So all will depend on how the computer picks up the winning numbers. All I can say is complete your application correctly, upload the correct photos and submit it before the deadline. Don’t wait till the last minute. Submitting your application early will ensure that you don’t have to compete with the last minute rush.

Participating in the lottery is easy and simple. Winning the lottery is a whole different thing – it all depends on luck!I wish all you participants a ton of luck. I wish all of you could win the lottery – but then, that would not be a lottery anymore would it? So file your application on time, keep your fingers crossed and pray that the computer decides that the time you submitted your application was the best time.


2 thoughts on “The Best Day and Time to Register for Green Card Lottery 2014

    • Williams, there is really nothing one can do if the confirmation number is lost. That is why it is very important to keep your confirmation number safe. 2013 lottery results can be checked up until Sep 30, 2013. Now the 2014 lottery is going on. Why don’t you participate in this lottery? So you can try your luck again. Good luck!


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