Top 10 Actors Who Served in the Military

Its been a while since I did a top 10 article. And today I came across a top 10 that seems to suit the times. I mean the David Petraeus controversy. Top 10 Most Famous Actors Who Served in the Military.

It did come as a pleasant surprise to know some of these actors were active servicemen. So let’s see who those top 10 are!

1) Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Stewart-Actors in the Military

2) Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy-Actors in the Military

3) Lee Marvin
Lee Marvin-Actors in the Military

4) Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson-Actors in the Military

5) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.-Actors in the Military

6) Charles Durning
Charles Durning-Actors in the Military

7) Art Carney
Art Carney-Actors in the Military

8) Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks-Actors in the Military

9) James Arness
James Arness-Actors in the Military

10) Eddie Albert
Eddie Albert-Actors in the Military

Let me know what you think about this list.


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