What is Happening to GOP’s Opposition of Immigration Laws?

Looks like the GOP is gradually letting go of its opposition to certain immigration laws – specifically those that allow undocumented aliens a path to legal residence in the United States.

It is not news that the GOP fell in the eyes of the Hispanics and lost out on their votes. Ever since this debacle, various members of the GOP are gradually realizing the importance of allowing undocumented immigrants to seek a route to legalizing their status and getting into the main stream American life.

The latest to join this band-wagon of converts is Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. He was a Republican who was staunchly against the legalization of alien immigrants in the country without papers. He called for fenced borders and helicopter patrols to stop illegal entry into the country.
Multi-Ethnic Hands Reaching For American Flag Umbrella
Now, addressing the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sen Paul said that a place would be found for the undocumented immigrants, over 11 million currently, who wanted to work in the country. He did not mention anything about citizenship, but his talk did imply a route to citizenship for these people.

Though Sen. Paul did say that secure borders were the priority, he also indicated that he believed there would be a path to citizenship for persons already in the country without documentation.

“Prudence, compassion and thrift all point us toward the same goal: bringing these workers out of the shadows and into becoming and being taxpaying members of society,” Senator Paul added.

Though the party was quick to correct what Sen. Paul implied, saying he meant a quicker path to normalization and not citizenship, it is still a huge stride in the path of comprehensive immigration reform.  Mitt Romney’s failure at the elections, mainly due to a huge deficit of the Hispanic vote, has made many prominent Republicans, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida being one of them, work towards a  solution that would earn the support of both the political parties.

While the party persons seem to be realizing the need for an immigration overhaul, which looks at a way to legalize undocumented immigrants, it is a wait and watch situation to see how the Republican voters are going to react to a proposal that will allow persons who entered the country illegally to stay in the country and also compete for jobs.


2 thoughts on “What is Happening to GOP’s Opposition of Immigration Laws?

  1. Is it not sensible to keep those, STEM students and undocumented youth, who are qualified and more useful for US economy to continue to stay and let them continue their work in peace then allow people simply enter US through a lottery lotto.


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