Green Card Lottery This Year

The biggest question right now is whether the green card lottery will be held this year. If it is, it will be the DV Lottery
2015. But is DV Lottery 2014 going to happen?
The debate is on in Washington. The Senate has the immigration reform bill 2013 and unless they vote on it, we are not
going to know how the green card lottery will be affected.
Per the reform bill, the DV lottery has to be scrapped. The 55,000 visas available for the lottery will be diverted into other categories. The emphasis will be on work and family visas. Even here, the beneficiaries will be the skill based workers and immediate family members. For instance, siblings will no longer be the beneficiaries of green card sponsorships.

The bill proposes to provide legal documentation for the over 11 million undocumented people in the country. Over a period of 13 years, these people will finally get a path to citizenship. The bipartisan group of 8 Senators, popularly referred to as the Gang of 8, have drawn up a process where by the undocumented will be brought into the mainstream and become a benefit to the US economy. Also, they have sought the tightening of the southern borders with Mexico to prevent further immigration by people without the proper papers.

Looking to streamline this process, the President and many Democrats are willing to let the DV lottery go. The Republicans have not been supportive of the DV lottery which they feel does not contribute to the US in any way.

Republican Bob Goodlatte has said , “It’s clear that there are better ways to allocate visas than to randomly give them out through a lottery system. Our immigration laws shouldn’t be based on the luck of the draw; rather, they should be designed strategically to benefit our country.”

The greatest losers seem to be Africans, since they have been the biggest beneficiaries of the green card lottery. But people from other countries, which have seen low emigration to the United States, are also going to miss out on a great opportunity since the lottery has very simple eligibility requirements – belong to a eligible country, have a high school diploma or work experience for 2 years.

However, the US embassies abroad seem to be telling the people that there will be no change in the lottery program right
now. You can read what the Press Secretary in the US Embassy in Armenia has said here. It will all depend on the result of the Senate debate on the 2013 Immigration Reform Bill. People the world over, who have kept trying the lottery every year hoping it will be the year they will win, continue to wait with baited breath for the outcome of the debate.


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