“Illegal Immigrants” – Why it is Such a Sensitive Issue?

With the debate going on in the House over the 2013 Immigration Reform Bill, the term “illegal immigrants” has become a common one being sounded from all quarters.

The bill offers a pathway to citizenship in the United States for the over 11 million undocumented immigrants within the country currently. Of course, its not an easy or quick path; it is likely to take 13 years at least before an undocumented person becomes a US citizen.

The question has been whether it is prudent to grant amnesty. If yes, what measures are being taken to prevent more undocumented persons entering the country. For this, the bill also proposes to first strengthen the borders, especially on the south. Only when the Department of Homeland Security can show that it has stemmed the entry of undocumented persons through the borders will the process of opening up the path to citizenship be started.

All well and good. But a number of people have raised some valid questions. Is it enough to just secure the borders? Will that prevent the entry of undocumented immigrants? What about those immigrants who enter the country with a valid visa, but over stay it and then end up being undocumented? What is being done to handle this issue?

This has been a major argument and Rep. Lou Barletta, a Republican from Pennsylvania, has written a column on this in USA Today. You can read the column here.

Your Opinion

What do you think of this whole issue? Is there a solution to the “undocumented persons issue in the United States? Will it be enough to secure all the borders to put an end to this problem? What should be done about people who over stay their visas?


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