Threat to the US Green Card Lottery

Immigration Reform 2013 is the talk of most importance going on in the field of immigration now. Republicans want to pass an immigration reform bill which will give them a chance of winning the next Presidential elections, especially after the debacle last time after losing out on the Hispanic vote mainly. However, they want to make sure there is a better border security program in place before a pathway to citizenship is offered to people currently in the US without any legal documents.

Democrat and Republican Senators together drafted the reform bill, but now the debate is on in full swing, with border security being one of the main issues of contention.

The bill paves way for more of family based immigration and to grant more green cards to persons who are highly qualified in the employment category. And in the search for means to increase the number of green cards for the family and employment categories, the decision was made to scrap the diversity visa lottery program. This frees up the 55,000 visas available to be issued to other “more deserving” persons, persons who can benefit the US better economically.

While the government may have their reasons to scrap the DV lottery, it is definitely a blow to people the world over whose only chance of getting a US green card was through the green card lottery program. They do not have family or employment opportunities in the US and this is the only way they can even dream of getting into the country. And this one route is going to be blocked.

Over the past few months, this has been the talk in media. You can read few articles related to how different people look at the green card lottery going away.

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US Green Card Lottery Under Threat


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