Is African Immigration Being Stemmed?

With the 2013 Immigration Reform Bill being passed by the Senate and up for debate in the House, a lot is at stake for the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery. As far as the bill has progressed till now, it seems like the DV lottery has been shown the door.

The Republicans are against the DV lottery. Most think that it is a waste of visas on people who do not have any outstanding skills or education. Winners of the lottery just come into the country based on their luck in being picked up as a winning number. In the long run, they cost the government more money than they contribute. This is especially so since many of the winners tend to be from countries with low economic growth, which means they have come to the US with the idea of making a better life. This generally means that they neither have the requisite professional education nor the economic means to have a high quality life.

Another contention of the Republicans is that the winners merrily walk into the country while people from the countries that are exempt from participating in the lottery wait in the visa line for years together. Though they applied earlier, though they have family in the US already, they are made to wait while the winners are let in on the basis of the lottery draw.

The Democrats, on the other hand, initially did not want to give up on the green card lottery. Like many Americans and some Republicans as well, they believed that the lottery was a way in diversifying the immigrant population of the nation. The DV lottery is considered to be a means by which people from countries with low immigration to the US and those with no family or job opportunities in the US would have a chance to establish a life for themselves as US permanent residents. Now however, the Democrats seem to have readily given up the DV lottery as a bargaining chip in the hopes of getting the comprehensive immigration reforms bill passed.

The major losers in this decision seem to be the Africans. The past years have seen more and more Africans winning the lottery. If the lottery is scrapped, and considering there is no other category of visas set aside for Africans, like it is for Asians, Europeans, Irish, Latinos and Canadians, it makes it very, very difficult for Africans to get the US green card.

The Congressional Black Caucus is against the closing of the lottery, but it is facing strong criticism for the stand it has taken in support of the lottery. The Caucus wants more of the dark skinned people to enter the country as immigrants. People against the lottery say that this cannot be, asking what if white people say they want more white immigrants!

Though the chances of the DV lottery being retained are slim, with amendments to the current bill being proposed left, right and center, nothing can be said until the House votes on the bill.


11 thoughts on “Is African Immigration Being Stemmed?

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