Strengthen US Economy through Immigration Reform

Immigration reform has become one of the most important topics in the recent days.

United States has been a nation of immigrants throughout its history. The nation’s workforce has been kept dynamic throughout only because of the immigrants from across the globe.This had lead to America becoming one of the strongest economies in the world.

At present, since America’s Immigration system is a broken system many hard working undocumented immigrants are prevented from contributing to its economic growth. So it is the right time to fix the broken immigration system.

US Immigration

Immigration reform would make it easier for 11 million people who live in the country illegally to gain citizenship,so that they can actively contribute to the nation. This is a new idea which would make the legal immigration system more consistent. According to independent studies, Immigration reform would increase the overall productivity in the US, resulting in higher GDP and higher wages. Higher wages will lead to higher consumption rates thus contributing to the economic growth.


Immigration reform would pave a new way for the highly skilled immigrants and the students who study at the colleges to set up their own businesses or find employment in the United States. Because of this there are more chances for the foreign companies to invest here. The demand for goods and services would increase which will in turn increase the job opportunities for American workers. As the job opportunities increase, the taxes paid by each worker and the business would increase reducing the deficit by nearly $850 over the next 20 years. Since a large portion of the taxes paid go towards the retirement program, Social Security would get stronger for the long term. It is estimated that the Senate’s immigration reform bill will add up to $300 billion to the Social Security Trust Fund over the next 20 years and would improve Social Security’s finances and extend Social Security Solvency by two years.


If the immigration reform is not passed, the US workforce will shrink. America will not benefit from highly skilled immigrants creating jobs leading American workers to work for the low wages. Deficit will tend to be higher without the immigrants and businesses paying their fair share in taxes.Immigration reform will only mean if some steps are taken towards it.


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