Advantages of the United States Green Card

Why Is the Green Card so Popular?
The Green Card has an enormous international reputation, so much so that it has become a symbol of American immigration in of itself.
When the U.S. government stopped calling their Alien Registration Card the Green Card and made it white, people hardly noticed and kept on calling it a Green Card anyway, leading to the reinstatement of the traditional name.
But why does this simple immigration document have so much impact? So very much meaning, so much meaning that people even use the term ‘Green Card’ to describe similar immigration programs that don’t even use cards?
It is, quite arguably the hope and privilege that the Green Card grants to its holder that fills it with so much value.
Within one thin sheet of paper is held the opportunity to live and work in the United States and even a sense of inevitability of citizenship.
It is the manifestation of safety, stability and wealth to many people all over the world and as a result it has become something of a brand name, not unlike Coca-Cola or Aspirin.
Because of this, it is unlikely that the Green Card will disappear anytime soon. However, it is in the process of changing.
Legislators in the United States have been looking to improve on the Green Card for years and in 2013 they have gotten closer to changing it as they have ever gotten.
Current and Future Pathways to Permanent Residency
Currently, the U.S. immigration system has favored three qualities in potential immigrants to the country: family, employment and diversity.
The U.S. is particularly enthusiastic about allowing people to get Green Cards if that means helping nuclear families together in America. It has also been very approving of giving immigrants permanent residency if they can secure a job in the states.
However, the third category has recently fallen out of favor. The Green Card Lottery has given 50,000 Green Cards annually for almost 20 years in an effort to increase diversity in the U.S. immigration numbers.
Legislators have discussed doing away with the Green Card Lottery for years in favor of more merit-based programs, but they have gained much more ground since President Obama’s re-election.
What they mean by merit-based is to give those 50,000 Green Cards to people who have graduated from American universities in sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics. This proposed system is often abbreviated to STEM.
The problem with this proposal is that instead of allowing more people to come into the U.S. it is simply allocating Green Cards to a different class of people, creating a disadvantage for another class.
Immigration Reform Legislation
The House and the Senate have both submitted their own versions of immigration reform bills for review and as of fall, 2013, there has not been a single agreed upon plan for what to do.
The general consensus in the news and in Washington D.C. is that if no agreement is reached by the end of 2013, it is likely that it won’t be addressed again until after the next Congressional election.
The hope of immigrants everywhere is that the U.S. congress decides to expand the issuance of Green Cards, rather than limit them.


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