Green Card Lottery Application Rejection

The green card lottery starts from October 1, 2014 at 12 noon EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and ends on November 3, 2014 at 12 noon EDT. Each year, millions apply for green card lottery trying to get one of those 50,000 visas; but only around 100,000 are selected as winners. It is due to the fact that all winners of DV lottery are not going to be able to  get their visas for various reasons, like ineligibility for a green card. So, the selected winners are usually higher in number than the availability of the visas.

Last year, 14,397,781 applications were received online by the Kentucky Consular Centre within the one month period. But unfortunately only 9,388,986 were qualified entries. The Infographic below shows how many applications were received and how many qualified each year starting from 2011.

Green card lottery rejection

The reasons for the rejection of around 5 million applications every year are simple, and can be avoided if a little attention is paid while preparing and submitting the application.

  1. Applicants are sometimes misled by people trying to make money out of their applications.

There are definitely good paid service providers who are true but there are many

scamsters who:

  • say that they will apply many times for the lottery on behalf of you so that you get very high chance of winning and they require money for each application. They do this because most people think this is a lottery (same concept as money lottery where one buying many lottery tickets can have good chance but truly it doesn’t work that way).
  • say you are eligible even when your country of birth is not eligible.
  • get your details and money for the application and then they don’t submit it to the government. You can find out if they are a scam if they do not send you a confirmation number after the submission of the application during the registration period.

So please make sure you use a service which does not do all the above.

2.          Applicants try to complete the forms by themselves, which is good, but people not familiar with what to do make simple mistakes and lose their chance of winning.

            Many people who contact me are so very desperate to move to America that they will do anything to get here. Even when they know they are not eligible, they are willing to apply for green card lottery just because someone told them to try.I have advised a few  that they should not apply if their country is not eligible or if they don’t meet the second requirement.

            You can always  apply for green card lottery on the government site but please don’t apply twice. I have this blog online for more than 4 years and I have helped a few too. If you want to use a paid service provider please check out USA GREEN CARD LOTTERY. There maybe other true services.

            You can always call them before applying or you can leave your details and they may contact you.

To contact USA GREEN CARD LOTTERY  click here


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