Participants of the DV lottery must check their status on the government site https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ using their Confirmation number, Last/Family Name and Year of Birth . So don’t lose your confirmation number. The Kentucky Consular centre does not notify winners through postal mail or email. If you receive mails or phone calls that you have won the lottery, you should know that the information is fake.

DV Lottery Winner 2015

Image source: http://ssrdqst.rfmh.org/cecc/index.php?q=node/447

The DV-lottery winners are ranked according to their winning numbers. The site will provide details about fees and further instructions to get the immigrant visa once you check your status. The steps after winning green card lottery may sometimes confuse. See what are the steps to do after winning the green card lottery.

The Visa bulletin provides details every month about the visas to be distributed i.e. the bulletin will provide the rank numbers for each month or for two months in advance. Only those rank numbers that are below the notified limit on the visa bulletin are eligible to apply for the immigrant visa in that particular month. The winners of DV-2015 can start applying from OCTOBER-2014.

The rank numbers listed below are according to each geographical region.


AFRICAN countries except EGYPT and ETHIOPIA with rank numbers below 26,000 can apply.

EGYPT with rank numbers below 12,000 can apply.

ETHIOPIA with rank numbers below 15,500 can apply.

ASIA with rank numbers below 3,825 can apply.

EUROPE with rank numbers below 20,500 can apply.

NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) with rank numbers below 5 can apply.

OCEANIA with rank numbers below 775 can apply.

SOUTH AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN with rank numbers below 875 can apply.



    • a no mistake form can only be eligible to be considered as an entry into the DV lottery and winning it totally depends the luck part …… So every year when applying for lottery must make sure there are no mistakes in the application form


  1. hi,i sent the paper application for ds 260 around july last yr.i didnt know i hav to send it online.my case number is also below 24000 for Africa.can i sent it online now,what will happen to me.pls help me out am soo confused


  2. Sammy,I have sent the ds260 form online like you said.pls can u guess which month i will be called for the interview since i have a lower case number which is below 24000 in Africa.I sent the form in March


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