Things To Know About The Green Card Lottery


Applicant’s country of eligibility will normally be the same as his/her country of birth. One’s country of eligibility is not related to where one lives. “Native” generally means someone born in a particular country, regardless of the individual’s current country of residence or nationality. In immigration terms, “native” can also mean someone who is entitled to be “charged” to a country other than the one in which he/she was born under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality (INA) Act.

For example, if you were born in a country that does not qualify for the green card lottery program, you may claim chargeability to the country where your derivative spouse was born. However, you will not be issued a DV-1 unless your spouse is also eligible for and issued a DV-2, and if selected, both of you should enter the US together with the diversity visas. Similarly, a minor dependent child can also be “charged” to a parent’s country of birth.


A husband and a wife can each submit one application if both meet the eligibility requirements individually. If one is selected, the other automatically is entitled to derivative status.


Signatures are not required on the application. Recently taken individual photographs of you, your spouse and all your children under 21 years of age are necessary. It is important to note that family or group photographs are not accepted.


There is no fee for the green card lottery program.. Selected applicants should pay all required visa fees at the time of applying for visa directly at the embassy or consulate. All the details of required
visa application fees will be included with the instructions that the Kentucky Consular Center will send.


There are no provisions for a waiver of any ground of visa ineligibility apart from the one actually provided in the Act. Additionally there is no special processing for waiver requests. Some waiver
provisions may be available for people with close relatives who are US Citizens or green card holders but time constraints in the DV program makes it difficult for applicants to benefit from such provisions.


You can prepare and submit your own application or have someone submit it for you. Whether an application is submitted by the individual directly, or assistance is provided by an attorney, friend,
relative, etc., only one application can be submitted in the name of each person. In such cases the primary applicant remains responsible for ensuring that information in the application is correct and complete.


In case of death of an individual selected in the green card lottery program will result in automatic revocation of the DV case. Eligible spouse and/or children will no longer be entitled to the visa for that entry.


If you wish to file a complaint about Internet fraud, you can visit the website, hosted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in cooperation with consumer-protection agencies from 17 nations. You can also report such fraud to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

If you were born in a country that does not qualify for the green card lottery program, you may claim chargeability to the country where your derivative spouse was born. Green Card Lottery is one of the fastest way to get green card to USA.


4 thoughts on “Things To Know About The Green Card Lottery

  1. Hello,
    The country of eligibility is as I have read above, but I was born in United Arab Emirates(U.A.E.) but I dont have the nationality , instead I have the Syrian Nationality.
    Now, I live and work in the UAE and would like to apply in UAE, so can I call UAE my country of eligibility ?!
    ps: Both countries are eligible for the DV program.


    • You should apply from your own country(syrian) providing all the proofs because you can show the proof of citizenship that you are eligible to participate. Since you are not citizen of UAE so you are not eligible to apply from there.


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