USA green card lottery process

Understanding the green card lottery process is not that difficult. Did you know that you can enter the green card lottery program if you are from an eligible country? To know what the green card lottery program is all about and how to go about completing a green card lottery application read on.
The USA green card lottery was legislated by the US government by awarding 55,000 US green cards to people from all around the world per year. These US green card lottery application winners are selected randomly in a green card lottery process from a computer-generated list which is held by the US government. These 55,000 US green card lottery application winners are issued a US green card which authorizes them and their families to live, work and study in USA. The green card lottery application program is the easiest way through which one can obtain a U.S. green card.
To roll back on the history of the USA green card lottery, this program was first established in the year 1996 through an Immigration Act in order to give US immigration opportunities to natives from countries other than the main source-countries of immigration to the USA. The aim of this program is to diversify the American population by creating immigration opportunity for the under-represented ethnic groups. Obtaining a green card through the lottery is a very exciting prospect for many. It has been personally verified with persons who have been successful with their lottery application. For persons who are not US citizens, the DV lottery as it is popularly know offers a perfect platform to win the green card offered by the USA government’s official lottery program.
There are some basic eligibility criteria that an applicant has to meet to register for the green card lottery. Here are some of the eligibility criteria:
1/. A person needs to be born in an eligible country (almost all countries qualify with the exception of few countries)
2/. The applicant should have a high school education or 2 years of work experience in a required field.

Completing the USA green card lottery application:
Each year the DOS(Department of State) will publish detailed instructions on how to apply for the lottery. It would pay to follow the details provided in their web site as many applications are rejected for failure to follow the directions.

There is no associated fee for entering the lottery program. However, an applicant would be required to pay for an immigrant visa and a separate visa lottery surcharge.

How winners are notified.
Winners are notified by mail at the address provided by them. The mail will notify them about the future process to be adopted. Once all the 55,000 Visas are issued the lottery program will end.

Interesting facts about the US green card lottery program.

The US green cards are actually pink in color which used to be green many years ago. The green card are issued for a period of 10 years which are to be renewed after its expiry.The US green cards are officially called Form I-551 or the Permanent Resident Card.A brief narrative on the process involved while processing a USA green card lottery application.


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