7 Famous and Inspirational Personalities

1) Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln was ranked as one of America’s top three greatest presidents by the Historians and public figures. When he was the President of America, he reunified the nation, issued the Emancipation Proclamation and also passed the Thirteenth Amendment. He is also well-known as the one with the best neck decor. Lincoln whose height was 6’4”, is also said to be America’s tallest president.

2) Helen Keller: She is the first deaf and blind person to become a graduate. She became a noted author and speaker after her graduation and she is very well known as famous supporter of women’s suffrage, worker’s rights and pacifism. She defeated every obstacle that she encountered. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom which is one of the two highest honors for civilians. She became a famous personality in the world, in spite of being blind and deaf. She is also one of the famous people to be on American currency which currently in circulation.

3) Martin Luther King Jr: He was the hero of America. He is recognized for his bravery and leadership during the Civil Rights Movement. His legacy also reminds us to always treat each and every person with dignity and respect.

4) Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs changed the views towards the world and the way we communicate. Steve became famous as one of the founders of Apple, Inc. We can never witness brilliance similar to that of his, in our lifetime. But we only keep his memory alive every time as we see if someone is replying to our text or ignoring us absolutely.

5) Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is recognized as the most influential and successful entertainer of all times, by the Guinness Book of World Records. He is a person who had an incredibly difficult childhood. He was mentally and physically ill-treated by his father. Thriller, which is one of MJ’s album’s, is the best selling album of all times.

6) J.K Rowling: She is now a billionaire who previously lived on social security. Her life history is probably, a ‘rags to riches’ story. She is said to have proved that even the smallest idea can be the best one. She started to write the Harry Potter series during a delayed train journey from Manchester to London King’s Cross. More than 400 million copies of Harry Potter books, written by her, have been sold. Her worth is an estimated $1 billion.

7) Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio is someone who cares about too much about the environment. As a part of his love towards the environment, he drives hybrid cars and travels in commercial flights instead of traveling on private jets. He also has installed solar panels on his house. It is doubtful if anyone of us can do any of that. He has also dedicated much of his official website to raise environmental awareness.


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