Steps after winning the Green Card Lottery 2013

Green Card Lottery is one of the most sought after ways of immigrating to the United States. However not everybody who enters into the lottery becomes a lucky winner. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that the selection process is based on a random method by the computer. Also many applicants from Asian and African countries fail to comprehend the eligibility requirements that are a must for participating in this lottery. This eventually leads to the rejection of their applications.

Even after getting selected in the Green Card Lottery, many winners are totally at a loss as to how to proceed further with the immigration process. Just like a visa interview which is conducted by a Consular officer at a US embassy, Green Card lottery winners will also have to undergo a similar one. Clearing this interview is essential so as to qualify for an immigrant visa to the United States. Let’s take a look at the process right after making an entry in the program

Checking the Results:

When a person registers for the DV lottery program, a unique register number will be issued at the end of successful completion of the process. This is very vital to check if you have been lucky in the lottery and losing it will seal all your chances of checking. This is because this number will be provided only once by the US Department of State (it conducts the program).

Log on to and enter the register number
If selected, the winners will be issued with instructions for further processing

Completing the immigrant visa application

All DV lottery winners will be required to complete their immigrant visa application and send it to the Kentucky Consular Processing center. Visa applications can be submitted only during the period starting from the 1st of October 2012 to the 30th of September 2013.

If you are living outside the United States

You will receive an email from the KCC notifying the details about the scheduled interview. This is the only time that you will ever get an electronic communication wherein you will be prompted to enter the details regarding your registration. Only after entering the correct information, will you be able to access the interview schedule.
Go to the respective US Consulate or Embassy that has been assigned for your interview
Immigrant visa application fee of $330 should be paid only here in person and not sent to the USCIS or any other US Department. Get a receipt for the payment made.
If you have any relatives or friends in the United States, then you can get them to sponsor the visa for you. Submit an Affidavit of Support, Form I- 134 , if you are being sponsored
Establish the fact that you will not become a public charge by submitting proof of your financial assets back in your home country or an employment offer from a US company.
In case of having no sponsors or employment offer, then you need to bring up your financial assets as your strong support. This is very important for the consular officer to determine if you are financially qualified for an immigrant visa

If you are in the United States

File in Form I-485 to adjust your status to that of a permanent resident. However, filing in your adjustment of status application as soon as your visa number becomes current on the Visa bulletin is very important. It is essential to keep track of the bulletin and act at the earliest.
Demonstrate that you are financially stable and can support yourself in the United States
Send in the correct DV lottery fee to a US Bank as instructed in the notification from the Kentucky consular center and not to any USCIS office

This is a very simple process for those of the winners who have already moved to the US on some type of a non-immigrant visa. You will become a proud Green card holder at a very short period of time.

When to enter the US on the immigrant visa?

When the processing of your immigrant visa applicant has been complete, you will be provided with the Visa package. You should enter the United States within 6 months of the date of issue of the visa and file in your green card application.

Getting a green card through the Green Card Lottery process is neither an easy nor a short process. Acquainting yourself with the entire procedure will serve to help during the course of the process.


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